Elina Ahlback Literary Agency, est. 2009, is one of the leading literary agencies in the Nordic countries and Finland’s #1 literary agency representing award-winning and bestselling Finnish and Nordic authors’ and illustrators’ book, film & TV rights in international markets. In 2020, the Agency was shortlisted for The 2020 International Excellence Awards as one of the TOP3 Literary Agencies in the World at the London Book Fair.

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2000, Fantasy & Science Fiction


Johanna Sinisalo

2022, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Elina Pitkäkangas

2023, Picture Books (0-3 Years)


Ted Forsström

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2022, Crime & Suspense


A. M. Ollikainen

2021, Crime & Suspense


A. M. Ollikainen

Latest reviews

Leadership as Mastery: The Finnish Way

Asko Känsälä

"This is an insightful and important book for leaders at all levels. The central theme is that leadership mastery is an intentional lifelong learning process that starts with leadership of self and then advances step-wise to the ultimate goal - helping others become their best selves. Asko uses the concept of “mental models” to describe this journey and offers compelling examples of how craftsmen in any field achieve mastery in the same way. The book is not only deeply thoughtful; it also offers a practical guide to translate these ideas into action."

William G. Pietersen, Professor, The Practice of Management, Columbia Business School, New York

Whale in a Glass Bowl

Katariina E. M. Vuorinen

"This uncompromising statement on the state and future of nature makes even the most environmentally conscious reader admit responsibility for overconsumption. Willpower, intelligence, and all the research in the world are not enough if they do not lead to political decisions and actions in an organized democracy. Information, emotion, and respectable literary activism."

Finlandia Prize Jury on nomination


Ted Forsström

“A great goodnight story where the eyelids of the young reader become increasingly heavy the more detailed spreads illustrator Åsa Lucander creates. [...] This book has the potential to become a bedtime favourite.”

Svenska YLE

The Black Mirror

Emma Puikkonen

“The magical beauty of this novel is that it bites into an enormous subject and forces the reader to think. Its black, shiny surface reflects themes eternal and current, such as oil’s relationship to nature and the environment, human courage and the role of women in different situations.”

Nordic Council Literary Prize jury


Riikka Sandberg

"Riikka Sandberg's debut shows the traces of war in a small Norwegian village. [...] Ørja is a well-flowing debut built with thought, where the fjords, the fells, and the surrounding, ever-raging sea form a great scenery."

Arla Kanerva in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

Leadership as Mastery: The Finnish Way

Asko Känsälä

“Leadership is often thought of as a quality of the individual, but in this LEADERSHIP AS MASTERY we learn it is more of an art form to be mastered. We develop to be an exceptional leader through cycles of practice and reflection, just like the mastery of any other complex skill.”

Jeffrey K. Liker, PhD, author of international bestseller "The Toyota Way"


Elina Pitkäkangas

"[...] Sang is a story about love, but above all it is a story about morale: all the things we are ready to do for one another.”

Topelius Award Jury

Putin's Trolls

Jessikka Aro

“Jessikka Aro has managed to deconstruct the intertwined and multi-layered nature of brazen information operations pursued by the Kremlin. The book bears a special value in the context of Georgia, where Putin’s trolls are as rampant as ever.”

- Tamar Kintsurashvili, Associate Professor at Ilia State University, Editor-in-chief at Myth Detector, Georgia

Where It All Begins

Salla Simukka

“Harrowing emotions, ever-tightening plot and pure horror. This all can be found in Salla Simukka’s novel Where It All Begins. [--] All the different relations will only be revealed bit by bit, maybe only after multiple reads. The core is still clear and bright. Everything that’s said twists around love and sadness at the end.”

Marjo Jääskä in Parnasso literary magazine

Moonday Letters

Emmi Itäranta

"The resulting narrative brilliantly weaves together its two central questions: whether one marriage can survive, and whether humanity can find a way to thrive that does not ultimately rest on exploitation and inequality."

The Guardian

The Night of Ancient Lights

Hanna Meretoja

"Meretoja’s debut novel is a direct hit. The Night of Ancient Lights is also a very stylish literary work. The narration with its richly coloured imagery is characterized by precision. The narration is impressively graphic."

Satakunnan Kansa

The Italian Game

Vera Vala

“The Italy of Vera Vala, who has written nine published novels, is lively and full of contradictions.”

Sari Toivakka in Keskisuomalainen newspaper

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2014, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Maria Turtschaninoff

2020, Commercial/Upmarket, Romance


Sara Medberg

2020, Commercial/Upmarket, Romance


Sara Medberg