Ted Forsström

Original title: Snälla Stella, sluta skälla!

Author: Ted Forsström

Illustrator: Åsa Lucander

Published: 2023

Publisher: Förlaget (orig.)

Genre: Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Pages: 44

Reading material:

Full English pdf & Swedish pdf

An interactive and playful bedtime story for toddlers featuring a very loud dog with a big imagination!

✓ A new, exciting collaboration between comedian Ted Forsström and Aardman director Åsa Lucander - nominated for the Finlandia Prize 2023 and rights sold to 9 languages!

✓ Dog Stella’s thoughts mimic the lively imagination of toddlers

✓ Features comforting routine and interactive fun: Toddlers will love to join in the repeating tongue twister telling dog Stella to behave

A father tries to put his child to bed, but keeps getting interrupted by Stella the dog, who starts barking hysterically. Something unexpected always happens, and the reader is treated to Stella’s lively imaginations: it may be a door opening or a car driving by, but Stella is strongly convinced it’s Grandma coming to give her food, or that squirrels have built a nest in the toaster.

Anyone who has ever tried to bring a child to bed knows how cozy yet fragile the situation is. It requires the right amount of patience and determination. The right bedtime story can be the key to a successful, quiet night.

There is a warm feeling, playful rhymes and an unusual mix of familiar ordinariness and fantastic antics. Clear recognition for anyone trying to combine cozy moments with a pet!

Stella is a book you can read again and again, night after night.

"Children's books about bedtime are a classic theme, but Ted Forsström and Åsa Lucander create something new by presenting STELLA from the dog's perspective. [...] Ted Forsström and Åsa Lucander create a nice variation of the durable theme by letting the chaos-at-bedtime-story be about something different than the expected parent-child fight. In STELLA (2023), it is in fact the dog Stella who creates troubles at bedtime.”

Maria Lassén-Seger, Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper (5 star review)

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Rights sold:
FINLAND, SWEDEN: Förlaget (orig. Finland-Swedish); FINLAND: Etana Editions (Finnish)
DENMARK: Gads Forlag
ESTONIA: Tammerraamat
GERMANY: Mixtvision
HUNGARY: Cerkabella
POLAND: Widnokrag

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About author

Ted Forsström

Ted Forsström is a Finnish-Swedish media personality living in Ostrobothnia. He has worked as a comedian, actor, radio host and author, often as part of the duo Ted & Kaj. Today he works with children's programs on Svenska Yle and talks once a week in Finland’s biggest Swedish podcast, Ted & Kaj, together with Kaj Korkea-aho.


2023, Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Ted Forsström