The Manticore

Maria Turtschaninoff

Original title: Mantikoran

Author: Maria Turtschaninoff

Illustrator: Peter Bergting

Published: 2024

Publisher: SWEDEN: Raben &Sjögren/Förlaget (orig.), FINLAND: Tammi

Genre: Middle Grade (8-12 Years)

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An illustrated middle grade novel and supernatural thriller that turns a young girl’s emotions into a magic-realistic fantasy adventure - can her new stepmother be trusted or is she a dangerous ancient monster?

The Manticore is told from the perspective of a young girl called Li,  who starts suspecting that her stepmother is in fact a Manticore, an ancient monster intending on devouring the protagonist and her baby brother. She realizes that no one can help her because no one would believe her. So as the Manticore starts fattening up the children, the protagonist hunts for a way to defeat her. She soon realizes that the only way to kill a Manticore is with a mythical object: the horn of a unicorn. But where can she possibly find one?

Maria Turtschaninoff is a multiple award-winning fantasy author, published in 30 countries, and Peter Bergting is the author and/or illustrator of over 50 books of fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

We’re extremely excited about publishing Mantikoran in Denmark. The book portrays all the right elements of horror and dark fantasy (nicely balanced) that we were looking for in a supernatural thriller for children; from the exciting characters to the eerie atmosphere depicted through this well-woven tale written by Maria Turtschaninoff, which has been splendidly illuminated through the beautiful illustrations by Peter Bergting. We’re absolutely thrilled to add this title to our list.

– Julie Pedersen, Editor at Bogoo, Denmark

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Rights sold:
SWEDEN: Raben &Sjögren/Förlaget (orig.), FINLAND: Tammi

About author

Maria Turtschaninoff

Maria Turtschaninoff is known for crafting lyrical, historically inspired fantasy stories starring strong female protagonists. In addition to J.R.R. Tolkien, she counts Philip Pullman, Ursula K. Le Guin and C.S. Lewis among her favorite authors. She is a two-time winner of the Society of Swedish Literature Prize, winner of the Swedish YLE Literature Prize, winner of the Thank You for the Book Award, a nominee for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (2020-2024), and winner of the 2014 Finlandia Junior Prize. In 2024, Maria Turtschaninoff won the Eeva Joenpelto Literary Prize (10,000 euro award) for her literary masterpiece Inherited Land.

Her Red Abbey Chronicles YA trilogy has been sold into 30 languages, while her first adult novel Inherited Land has been sold to 23 territories. Maria has a Master of Arts in human ecology and works full-time as a writer.


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