Kaisu Tuokko

Original title: Kosto

Author: Kaisu Tuokko

Published: 2023

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 298

Part of a series: The Kristinestad Murders

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English sample and synopsis; series presentation

The peace of the idyllic seaside town Kristinestad is broken in the first installment of an addictive new crime series.

✓  For fans of Viveca Sten’s The Sandhamn Murders, Camilla Läckberg, Mari Jungstedt and Åsa Larsson!

✓  A perfect mix of Nordic crime, love triangle drama, and the beautiful surroundings of the old coastal town of Kristinestad, Western Finland

✓  Bestseller – over 15,000 copies sold, nominated for BookBeat’s Newcomer Of The Year Award 2023!

The body of a young man is discovered in the sea, and the criminal investigator Mats Bergholm is responsible for the case. At the same time, journalist Eevi Manner is sent to dig out a scoop of the event for the local newspaper. Both are surprised to find each other on the grim beach: the two have a past together – a past which they now need to set aside to solve the case.

Eevi is contacted by a young woman, and it becomes clear that the death is just one link in a chain of events unfitting the picturesque town. The full picture becomes clearer and clearer, although the secrets of the locals are buried deep. Social media and recordings can offer help in solving the case, but the lies and muddy memories of the people involved cast doubts in every direction.

Perfect for fans of Viveca Sten and Camilla Läckberg, this opening of the new KRISTINESTAD MURDERS crime series follows in the footsteps of strong female crime authors, offering gripping crime plots and interpersonal drama.

"Tuokko’s narration is effortless. The life of youth with its crises also appears natural. The plot of Revenge keeps one in its grip, even surprising the reader. The crime is the size of one book, but the story of Eevi and Mats is left open by the author.”

–Keskisuomalainen newspaper

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

About author

Kaisu Tuokko

Kaisu Tuokko’s aim is to create a series where interpersonal relationships and the idyll of a small town are mixed with cruel events – using psychological tension to build stories about how badly we know the families or friends of our neighbors, of our loved ones. Everyone has secrets, but some of them are more dangerous than others.

Tuokko loves the stories of strangers, secrets of small towns, rainy autumn evenings, and the Swedish language. She lives in Helsinki, and has named her main character after her grandparents.


2024, Crime & Suspense

Kaisu Tuokko


2023, Crime & Suspense

Kaisu Tuokko