Future Skills

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FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

SOUTH KOREA: BP Publishers

TURKEY: Büyükada

UNITED STATES: Recorded Publishing

UNITED STATES: Start Publishing

Original title: Tulevaisuuden lukujärjestys

Author: Perttu Pölönen

Published: 2020

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Personal Growth & Lifestyle

Pages: 192

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What are the 12+1 skills that will help you defeat the fear of the future?

The next revolution is a human revolution, according to Perttu Pölönen, a futurist, inventor and an inspirational speaker. We should develop courage, adaptability, compassion, storytelling, patience and curiosity, to name a few, in order to succeed in the era of machines, robots and artificial intelligence. Pölönen will explain how.

Future skills is an essential book for parents, educators and everybody who wants to prepare themselves for an uncertain future. The book challenges assumptions about the future and provides insightful and thought-provoking observations – there’s a lot to digest. When the world is developing so fast, we should not focus on what is changing but rather find what is not going to change. What makes us different from machines, makes us happy.

Future Skills has become an instant bestseller in Finland where its readers have reported to have changed their career paths and found meaning in their current jobs. The book gives hope. Pölönen is a bright young mind who’s personal experiences and stories make it lively and engaging and you will find yourself laughing and sobbing. When nothing is certain, everything is possible.


Perttu Pölönen

Perttu Pölönen is a futurist, inventor and an inspirational speaker. He has won the EU’s biggest science competition for youth and studied exponential technologies at Singularity University, based at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. The MIT Tech Review has named him as one of 35 Innovators Under 35 in Europe. In the Finnish media, Perttu has been called a gentle highbrow and fearless inventor. Future Skills has been an instant bestseller in Finland!


Perttu Pölönen

Future Identities

2021, Personal Growth & Lifestyle

Perttu Pölönen

Future Skills

2020, Personal Growth & Lifestyle

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