Watch Elina Hirvonen talk about Julia & P.A.L// Introducing – Enchanted Planet Earth

Introducing: Julia & P.A.L. by Elina Hirvonen

Toy Story meets The Avengers! The first part of the new exciting middle-grade series where plush animals have super powers.

More than anything else, Julia, 10 years, wishes that somebody would like her. She can explain the structure of the universe, but has no idea how to talk to her classmates. What she doesn’t know is that she already has her very own best friend – her toy bunny Buck, who in reality is a top secret agent of the Plush Animal League (P.A.L.).

See the author reading from the book by clicking on the video below.

Ask for the English sample for Julia & P.A.L here.


Introducing: Enchanted Planet Earth by Laura Ertimo

There is a planet where plants plan world domination. Where beasts are good, and trees live for thousands of years, collecting memories in their bark. This enchanted place is Earth.

This book has 10 stories, and 10 maps. They may sound or look like they are out of a fairy-tale, but they are real, true maps of our planet. The Enchanted Planet Earth is a children’s non-fiction book that also engages adults. Through magical maps it teaches about nature, oceans and the history of continents. The stories also provide a context where adults and kids can discuss the environmental issues and how people’s actions affect nature. Through narratives the book explains the real processes that change our planet and make the Earth habitable.

Ask for the English sample and full Finnish pdf for Enchanted Planet Earth here.

Map of migratory birds and animals.


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