Crime fiction news round-up of March

We’ve got some criminally good news! This time our news batch includes the best debut winner of the year, new titles in an exciting series and some film news…

The Debut Thriller of the Year Award 2018 to Heikki Valkama for his novel Fugu
Quoting the jury: “Heikki Valkama’s novel Fugu takes the reader on an interesting and appetizing cultural journey. […] For his novel Valkama has chosen a particularly interesting protagonist: a top chef is not your typical crime-solving character. […] Valkama delivers the story naturally and surely. The text is smooth, it doesn’t falter and sweeps the reader away with an ease. Fugu is an exceptionally developed example of entertaining writing.”

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Max Seeck’s The Angels of Hammurabi published in Germany
Max Seeck’s novel has been well received in Germany, where it was published under the name of Der gesetzlose Richter (“The Lawless Judge”) in January. The Finnish readers are already anticipating his third and final novel in the Daniel Kuisma series, the title of which will be Hades Calling, and it’s due to be published in Finland in fall 2018.

The Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung called the novel cinematic in its review:
“Max Seeck delves deep into the bloody history of the Balkans and tells a gory action thriller begging to be filmed.”

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The Guardian Angel film gets more distribution deals
The Guardian Angel, the novel by Arto Halonen & Kevin Frazier based on an international feature film set to premiere in 2018-2019 with a star-studded line-up, keeps gathering interest. After Berlinale Film Festival, more distribution deals have been confirmed for the movie.

Nationwide film distribution deals have been closed in France, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, India, China, Japan, and the Middle East. Further distribution deals will be announced soon!

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RIGHTS SOLD – Fugu by Heikki Valkama:
FINLAND, Tammi (Orig. Publisher)

RIGHTS SOLD – The ‘Daniel Kuisma’ series by Max Seeck:
FINLAND, Tammi (Orig. Publisher)
ESTONIA, Pegasus
GERMANY, Blanvalet
ICELAND, Forlagid
ITALY, Newton Compton

RIGHTS SOLD – The Guardian Angel by Arto Halonen & Kevin Frazier:
FINLAND, WSOY (Orig. publisher)
DENMARK, Hr. Ferdinand
ITALY, Edizioni Piemme
SERBIA, Vulkan
PORTUGAL, Grupo Planeta


Arto Halonen & Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier is a novelist, nonfiction writer, essayist and reviewer who lives in Helsinki. Previous collaborations between Halonen and Frazier include the award-winning Shadow of the Holy Book.

Heikki Valkama

Heikki Valkama is an acclaimed journalist who has worked as an editor-in-chief at several Finnish quality magazines. Additionally he has written books about Japan as well as translated from Japanese to Finnish. He grew up in Japan; when he was a teenager, a local yakuza boss tried to marry him off to his daughter. Fugu is his first novel.

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

Max Seeck - New York Times Bestselling Author of THE WITCH HUNTER. 

“Another star has been added to the firmament of thriller writers,” announced Iltalehti newspaper, when Max’s debut novel was published in 2016. Four years and four books later, Max Seeck’s novels have been sold to more than 40 countries, including US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries and as far as Korea!

His debut trilogy following protagonist Daniel Kuisma sold over 40,000 copies in Finland. His new Jessica Niemi series landed him on the New York Times Bestseller list! In Faithful Reader, AKA The Witch Hunter (US title), book 1 of the Jessica Niemi series, Helsinki Police Detective Jessica Niemi hunts an occultist serial killer. In Evil’s Net, AKA Ice Coven, Jessica and her team follow clues hidden on Instagram to solve the disappearance of a young influencer and a manga artist. He is currently writing the 3rd book of Jessica Niemi series.

Max Seeck has a background in sales and marketing, and has lately been able to dedicate his time to his lifelong love of writing. His interests include well-conducted research, reading Nordic Noir and listening to movie soundtracks as he writes.