Still Waters Run Deep

Elina Backman

Original title: Kun jäljet katoavat

Author: Elina Backman

Published: 2021

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 428

Part of a series: Saana Havas series

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Italian PDF. English sample and synopsis, media portfolio.

Is evil lurking beneath the calm waters? Still Waters Run Deep is an awaited sequel to the bestselling All the Kings Men!

Three young men are making a documentary film about a mystical hermit, living in the Isle of Sheep in Helsinki. First, one of them disappears, then another one. When one of them is found dead in the nearby nature reserve, the police becmes involved.

Saana Havas, recovering from burnout, hears that her colleague's younger brother has gone missing and decides to set up a true crime podcast to help with the search. Meanwhile, police commissioner Jan Leino and his team are investigating the disappearance and possible murder of the documentary makers.

When young men disappear and die, it's ofter regarded just an accident. But could it be that someone is actually hunting for them?

Despite the modern approach is this a solid crime novel in the old tradition, with moods rather than explicit violence and with a carefully designed setting.

Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
DENMARK: Gyldendal
ESTONIA: Varrak Publishers
FILM & TV RIGHTS: Aurora Studios
ITALY: Newton Compton Editori
NORWAY: Cappelen Damm AS
POLAND: Czarna Owca
RUSSIA: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
SWEDEN: Bokfabriken

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About author

Elina Backman

Elina Backman is an author and a media & marketing professional living in Helsinki. Elina loves books (all sorts), traveling, cycling and is a host of a Book & Wine Club. She is a creative soul with a commercial mind, and her goal is to find readers globally.

Her debut novel All the King's Men was published in 2020 and immediately gained an enormous amount of attention from the Finnish media, including a praising review by the biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. The Havas series is now a best-selling series in Finland and an international TV series is in development. Elina's books have sold over 100 000 copies in Finland.

Together with Heidi Holmavuo, Elina has also narrated the true crime podcast Ratkaisematon (Unsolved), which turned into a full-length audio book as the two crime writers started investigating the murder of a young girl in 1955. They were able to uncover new evidence and their research led the police to reopen the investigation. This story is narrated in the book Unsolved - The Case of Elli Immo.


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