Minna Lindgren’s Escape from Twilight Grove is a critical and commercial smash

Lindgren newsletter May72014Critics and readers are singing the praises of Minna Lindgen’s Escape from Twilight Grove (Ehtoolehdon pakolaiset, May 2014), part II in The Twilight Grove Trilogy. The book, which was published in early May, jumped straight to national bestseller lists, becoming last month’s fifth-highest-selling Finnish title. In addition, Escape from Twilight Grove continues to earn new critical accolades.

Rights to the trilogy have been sold in France to Calmann-Lévy, in Germany to Kiepenheuer & Witsch, in Italy to Marsilio, in Spain to Santillana and in Estonia to Varrak (Book I: Death in Twilight Grove). Film rights have been sold to Yellow Film & TV.

Praise for Escape from Twilight Grove:

“An absurdly funny story…the name of the book is a playful reference to the idea that the elderly are like refugees, strangers in the lap of the Maiden of Finland. Its main character Siiri Kettunen calls into question everything from the culture of overmedication and tattoos to the absence of compound nouns. Crimes are solved through questions posed by these elderly women. Siiri Kettunen is the kindred spirit of classic literary lady detectives who take power into their own hands.”
Ruumiin kulttuuri, The Finnish Whodunnit Society’s quarterly magazine

“The book pokes fun at a culture in which people rush past one another and the elderly are marginalized. Encounters between the younger and older generations highlight the bizarre elements of our everyday world.”
Kirjavuori (“Book mountain”) literature blog

“The best element of Lindgren’s book is its collection of wonderful characters; they have been crafted carefully and with just the right amount of humor. […] she once again is not afraid to direct criticism at indifferent family members, as well as the society at large that sets up nonsensical systems and processes.”
Aamulehti newspaper, Finland

“This journalist and author who has a long background at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, for example, has fun at the expense of our entire society. Looking at life through the eyes of 90-somethings offers perspective.”
Maaseudun tulevaisuus newspaper, Finland

The Twilight Grove Trilogy is a satirical mystery series that narrates life inside and around a Helsinki retirement home through the eyes of three bright, spirited and inquisitive ladies in their 90s. The series comprises Death in Twilight Grove (Kuolema Ehtoolehdossa, Teos 2013), Escape from Twilight Grove (Ehtoolehdon pakolaiset, Teos May 2014) and The End of Twilight Grove (working title, Teos 2015).

ESTONIA, Varrak (Part I)
GERMANY, Kiepenheuer & Witsch
FRANCE, Calmann-Lévy
ITALY, Marsilio
SPAIN, Santillana
Film rights: Yellow Film & TV

Reading materials:
English sample of book 1 (longer English sample available this summer!)
English synopses of books 1-3
Finnish editions of books 1-2

Original publisher:
Finland, Teos

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About author

Minna Lindgren

Minna Lindgren (b. 1963) is a freelance journalist and columnist known for her whimsical writing style and fearless approach to topics as strange as opera and death. In addition to novels, she has authored nonfiction books on classical music. In 2009, Lindgren won the Bonnier Journalism Prize for her article entitled “Father’s Death” (“Isän kuolema”).

Lindgren is best known for the Sunset Grove trilogy, which has been sold to 18 territories, and the final part, The End of Sunset Grove, was nominated for the International Dublin Literature Award in 2019. She has also written four standalone novels and a non-fiction book about the history of opera.

Minna Lindgren’s books have been critical and commercial successes, in Finland and internationally.


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