Norstedts acquires Swedish rights to Death in Sunset Grove by Minna Lindgren!

The prestigious Swedish publishing house Norstedts has acquired the rights to Minna Lindgren’s Death in Sunset Grove. The trilogy has been a great success in Finland and abroad and sold several reprints, the Swedish deal representing its 11th sold territory.

“Lately I have acquired books that deal with people in old age and different aspects of love and death. To these novels I can now count Death in Sunset Grove in which we get to know the three lovely little ninety-year-olds, Irma, Siiri and Anna-Liisa, and take part in their dealings with head-nurse and director at Sunset Grove. The three delightful creatures go about life light-heartedly, although their lives are full of death, funerals, illnesses and abuse of power. The critical and satirical way with which Minna Lindgren depicts old people’s care in today’s Scandinavia, with all its privatisations and profit-making businesses, makes you laugh in all its absurdity.  And of course the reader can’t wait for Irma, Siiri and Anna-Liisa to take their revenge on the head-nurse and the director, since the reader feels that they have become ones friends. Let Irma, Siiri and Anna-Liisa rule the world!” – Gunilla Sondell, editor, Norstedts

About the book:
Siiri, Irma and Anna-Liisa are best friends and the queen bees of the retirement community Sunset Grove. When their comfortable world is upturned by a suspicious death at the community, they are shocked into doing something about it. Determined to find out exactly what happened and why, they begin their own private investigations.

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FINLAND, Teos (Original publisher)
CZECH REPUBLIC, Albatros Media
DENMARK, Jensen & Dalgaard
GERMANY, Kiepenheuer & Witsch
FRANCE, Calmann-Lévy
ITALY, Marsilio
SLOVAKIA, Albatros Media
SPAIN, Penguin Random House
SWEDEN, Norstedts
WORLD ENGLISH, Pan Macmillan

English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian editions of book 1
English synopses of books 1-3
French, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish editions of books 1-3

About author

Minna Lindgren

Minna Lindgren (b. 1963) is a freelance journalist and columnist known for her whimsical writing style and fearless approach to topics as strange as opera and death. In addition to novels, she has authored nonfiction books on classical music. In 2009, Lindgren won the Bonnier Journalism Prize for her article entitled “Father’s Death” (“Isän kuolema”).

Lindgren is best known for the Sunset Grove trilogy, which has been sold to 18 territories, and the final part, The End of Sunset Grove, was nominated for the International Dublin Literature Award in 2019. She has also written four standalone novels and a non-fiction book about the history of opera.

Minna Lindgren’s books have been critical and commercial successes, in Finland and internationally.


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