Author videos: Enter the Writing Space of Our Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors!

Welcome behind the scenes to hear and feel how our talented best-selling & award-winning authors connect with their creative side and how and why their thoughts and words become art that compels readers around the world.

Elina Ahlback Literary Agency has produced in collaboration with Kintsugi Agency five cinematic Author Videos that were all launched in August 2021. 

Ready for the tour?

Laura Lindstedt: “Writing is not an abstract thing at all, it’s very physical”.


Max Seeck: “I have always wanted to become a storyteller”

Salla Simukka “Books can be someone you can talk to when growing up”


A.M. Ollikainen “I’m not very fond of cruel crime fiction”

Maria Turtschaninoff “I crawled into every wardrobe I could find and I was very disappointed that none of them ever lead to Narnia”

We thank Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for their financial support on this project.