The US and UK deals for The Little Book of Bad Moods – now sold in 16 territories

On the first day of the Frankfurt Book Fair, we are glad to share the news about our most recent deals. The highlight of the season has been The Little Book of Bad Moods – now sold in 16 territories and counting.

The Little Book of Bad Moods conquers new continents and territories: UK, USA, Taiwan, Denmark, Hungary and Estonia.

We’re super glad to announce the UK & Commonwealth publisher: the esteemed publisher Bloomsbury bought the rights at auction, and they will publish on 15 November 2018.

In the United States, Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster acquired North American, Open Market and Audio rights, at auction. Gallery will publish in February 2019.

Both UK and US deals for Lotta Sonninen’s The Little Book of Bad Moods were brokered by Rhea Lyons at Hannigan, Salky, Getzler Agency, on behalf of Elina Ahlback at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

The Little Book of Bad Moods is fantastically cathartic. It has so much potential in the UK, where moaning is pretty much a national pastime – we live in a permanent state of glum irritation about the failure of infrastructure, the cold/hot weather, global and national catastrophes, each other… this is the book we never knew we needed and I am thrilled to be publishing it this Christmas.”
– Xa Shaw Stewart, senior editor, Bloomsbury, UK

”The Little Book of Bad Moods is a pocket-sized illustrated gift book for those who are sick and tired of being told to stay positive. It’s an invitation to write down all your secret grievances from “your spouse’s most irritating habit” to “how you spot an idiot at work.”   You’ll be asked to “make a list of people who are less talented than you but are still more successful than you” and “name four people you’d like to tell off by using speech bubbles to give them a piece of your mind.”
— Lauren McKenna, Vice President, Executive Editor at Gallery Books

In addition to the English deals, we’d like to share the news about the deals in Denmark, Hungary, Taiwan and Estonia. In DenmarkModtryk will publish, and in Hungary, Partvonal, part of the Lira group, won the auction for the Hungarian rights. In Taiwan, China Times Publishing Company will publish in complex Chinese, and Estonian rights went to Eesti Raamat.

”We weren’t in doubt when we read The Little Book of Bad Moods. It’s incredibly funny, but also shines a light on the pressure that many people feel to be happy, relaxed and mindful at all times. We’re happy to be in a bad mood with this little gem of a book.”
– Nanna Rørdam Knudsen, editor, Modtryk, Denmark

“This is a book that promises you a much-needed stress release by letting you rant as much as you’d like. With it, you can spill out all your pent-up frustration, and heal your body and soul in the process. Open this book, and I promise all your wounds will be healed!”
– Joan Huang, editor, China Times Publishing Company, Taiwan

“Although this is The Little Book of Bad Moods, making this deal made our mood rather joyful.”
– Aili Saksa, editor-in-chief, Eesti Raamat, Estonia

Russian rights of The Game Designer Confessions sold

Another deal was struck for the non-fiction title is The Game Designer Confessions. The industry insiders Harro Grönberg and Konsta Klemetti’s book sheds light on how leading game designers engage players and create hit games, and includes stories of the creative minds behind games such as Angry Birds, Hay Day and Max Payne. The Russian publisher Alpina snapped the rights and is aiming for a 2019 publication. Rights were previously sold to Turning Point in Korea. We have a full English original manuscript – get in touch with us for reading materials.

The Women I Think About at Night enchants readers in Finland

Mia Kankimäki’s part-travelogue, part-biography The Women I Think About at Night tracks down the destinies of lost women of history: explorers, artists and writers. The historic exploration with a personal touch has attracted a lot of readers and a second printing is on its way to the shops.

”Kankimäki’s writing flows effortlessly! In a short paragraph one can indulge in facts, art, knowledge, interpretations and emotions.  – – I admire how the elements come together, how these women pass by so lively. They will leave a permanent mark on my heart.” –Tuijata blog

“Kankimäki is a writer and researcher of renaissance-like abundance. She cannot limit her excitement and passion to short synopses or info boxes.” – Anun ihmeelliset matkat blog

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (Orig. publisher)
CZECH: Euromedia
DENMARK: Modtryk
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
FRANCE: Le Livre de Poche
GERMANY: Droemer Knaur
HUNGARY: Partvonal
ITALY: DeA Planeta Libri
NORWAY: Vigmostad & Bjorke
SERBIA: Vulkan
SPAIN: Editora Plaza & Janés/PRH
SWEDEN: HarperCollins Nordic
TAIWAN: China Times
UNITED STATES: Gallery Books/ Simon&Schuster

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Lotta Sonninen

Lotta Sonninen works as an executive editor of nonfiction. She has also taught creative writing and translated many books into Finnish. She got the idea for The Little Book of Bad Moods when working on yet another book on positivity. She secretly thinks that bad moods are good for you.


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