First deal for The Little Book of Bad Moods: A.W. Bruna pre-empts Dutch rights

We’re glad to kick off the fall season by announcing the first translation deal for Lotta Sonninen’s The Little Book of Bad Moods, an adults’ activity book for all the grumpy and grudge-bearing people of the world!

A.W. Bruna, the prominent Dutch publisher whose non-fiction list includes titles like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck pre-empted the rights at record speed.

“This is brilliant! Makes you completely ignore your inbox and start making hate lists, but soon enough you’ll laugh at your own evil thoughts and silliness. I loved it – it’s selfhelp disguised as anti-selfhelp”, said editor Erwin Koning of A.W. Bruna on the acquisition.

The Little Book of Bad Moods includes activities like the blame game (what’s wrong with your life – and whose fault it is), getting frank (the things you should have said then and there) and crying over spilled milk (no need to forget and forgive).

The book is currently on the Finnish nonfiction bestseller list at #7, and it has gathered a lot of international interest.

We have the full English, illustrated PDF – get in touch with us to request reading materials. Let’s get cranky!


Lotta Sonninen

Lotta Sonninen works as an editor of Finnish fiction and has also translated a lot of nonfiction. She got the idea for The Little Book of Bad Moods when working on yet another book on positivity. On her free time, she plays in a band and has tried to be funny on a stand-up comedy stage as well.


Lotta Sonninen

The Little Book of Bad Moods at Work

2020, Activity Books

Lotta Sonninen

The Little Book of Bad Moods for Mothers

2019, Activity Books

Lotta Sonninen

The Little Book of Bad Moods

2018, Activity Books

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