The Little Book of Bad Moods for Mothers

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Euromedia / Knižní klub

ESTONIA: Postimees Kirjastus

GERMANY: Droemer Knaur

UNITED KINGDOM: Bloomsbury Publishing

Original title: Äidin pieni pahan mielen kirja

Author: Lotta Sonninen

Illustrator: Piia Aho

Published: 2019

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Activity Books

Pages: 120

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Let’s face it: motherhood, in all its glory, gives you so many reasons for bad moods. From stretch marks to all-consuming guilt, from toddler tantrums to teenage sulks – sometimes you wish you could put just press pause and put it all on hold, but you can’t. This taboo-breaking adult activity book encourages all mothers to vent safely, continuing the cranky path of the international bestseller “The Little Book of Bad Moods”.

Suitable for all mothers, from those with screaming babies, to those with intolerable grownup children. List the dumbest parenting advice you’ve been given, the most useless purchases, and reveal your biggest mistakes as a mother!


“It is smart, witty and makes you laugh until you cry, especially in situations, when you actually might want to cry. Pregnancy and motherhood demand a lot of patience, understanding and balance. This book will help to relieve the stress of motherhood and turn it into funny memories. Laughter is the best cure to every scratch and bump on the road we call The Life.”
– Piret Veigel, Publisher, Postimees, Estonia

“I am delighted that Bloomsbury will be publishing The Little Book of Bad Moods for Mothers. It’s funny, smart and cathartic – and it promises to be the most outrageous parenting book of 2020”
– Xa Shaw Stewart, commissioning editor, Bloomsbury, UK

”I fell in love with The Little Book of Bad Moods for Mothers at first sight! Its gorgeous humour will appeal to all mothers. Lotta Sonninen and Piia Aho hit the nail on the head. We are very thrilled to publish this book at Knaur!”
– Ilka Heinemann, Editor Non-Fiction, Droemer Knaur, Germany

”A refreshing book for many mothers who are sick of the ubiquitous and required positive thinking about life with the little ones. This hilarious therapeutic book is a safe haven where they are free to admit that sometimes motherhood simply sucks.”
– Alexandra Fraisova, Foreign Rights Manager, Euromedia, Czech Republic

Foreign covers

Lotta Sonninen

Lotta Sonninen works as an executive editor of nonfiction. She has also taught creative writing and translated many books into Finnish. She got the idea for The Little Book of Bad Moods when working on yet another book on positivity. She secretly thinks that bad moods are good for you.


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