The Little Book of Bad Moods

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Finnish edition
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Original title: Pieni pahan mielen kirja

Published: 2018

Publisher: Otava

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 112 pp.

Fed up with being positive? Try the opposite – an activity book in style of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal.

Are you done and over with positivity and wellbeing? Here’s an adults’ activity book of negativity and ill-being! List your enemies, vent the rage and hide the book from your spouse, children and colleagues.

The Little Book of Bad Moods parodies the positivity trend and adults’ activity books in a hilarious way and is suitable for everyone who has ever held a grudge and looked for a safe way to let it out. The book includes activities like the blame game (what’s wrong with your life – and whose fault it is), getting frank (the things you should have said then and there) and crying over spilled milk (no need to forget and forgive). Let’s get cranky!

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (Orig. publisher)
BRAZIL: Globo Livros
CHINA: Citic Press
CROATIA: Stilus knjiga
CZECH: Euromedia
DENMARK: Modtryk
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
FRANCE: Le Livre de Poche
GERMANY: Droemer Knaur
HUNGARY: Partvonal
ICELAND: Forlagid
INDONESIA: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
ISRAEL: Kinneret-Zmora
ITALY: DeA Planeta Libri
JAPAN: President Sha
LATVIA: Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA: Baltos Lankos
NORWAY: Vigmostad & Bjorke
POLAND: Zysk i S-ka
RUSSIA: Bombora (Eksmo)
SERBIA: Vulkan
SPAIN: Plaza & Janés/PRH
SWEDEN: HarperCollins Nordic
TAIWAN: China Times
TURKEY: Pegasus
UKRAINE: Vivat Publishing
UNITED STATES: Gallery Books/S&S

“I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time. Reading the activities, one easily realizes the scale and pointlessness of one’s bad mood. These feelings will quickly pass. Especially quickly when one starts listing the dark corners of one’s mind. This book is the funniest way to spend time this summer!”
Ilta-Sanomat newspaper, Finland

The Little Book of Bad Moods is fantastically cathartic. It has so much potential in the UK, where moaning is pretty much a national pastime – we live in a permanent state of glum irritation about the failure of infrastructure, the cold/hot weather, global and national catastrophes, each other… this is the book we never knew we needed and I am thrilled to be publishing it this Christmas.”
– Xa Shaw Stewart, senior editor, Bloomsbury, UK

“This is brilliant! Makes you completely ignore your inbox and start making hate lists, but soon enough you’ll laugh at your own evil thoughts and silliness. I loved it – it’s selfhelp disguised as anti-selfhelp.”
 Erwin Koning of A.W. Bruna, the Netherlands

”This book caught me in a bad mood. It immediately helped me to both deepen and expand my mood. So we had to take it.”
–  Frode Molven, editor-in-chief of non-fiction, Vigmostad & Bjørke, Norway

”A hilarious book to express your negative feelings: cathartic and awesome!”
– Isabelle Dubois, non-fiction publisher, Le Livre de Poche, France

“I’m honored that Lotta Sonninen chose Droemer Knaur as her German publishing house. I’m so in love with this funny little book and I’m sure that German readers will love it!”
– Ariane Novel, non-fiction editor, Droemer Knaur, Germany

“Liberating, purifying and absolutely hilarious! We are proud publishers of this wonderful and angry little book.”
– Céline Hamilton, senior editor, HarperCollins Nordic

“This book deals with emotions that everybody feels daily, but never dares to face.”
– CITIC Press, Yinghong LI, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

”We weren’t in doubt when we read The Little Book of Bad Moods. It’s incredibly funny, but also shines a light on the pressure that many people feel to be happy, relaxed and mindful at all times. We’re happy to be in a bad mood with this little gem of a book.”
– Nanna Rørdam Knudsen, editor, Modtryk, Denmark

“This is a book that promises you a much-needed stress release by letting you rant as much as you’d like. With it, you can spill out all your pent-up frustration, and heal your body and soul in the process. Open this book, and I promise all your wounds will be healed!”
– Joan Huang, editor, China Times Publishing Company, Taiwan

“Although this is The Little Book of Bad Moods, making this deal made our mood rather joyful.”
– Aili Saks, editor-in-chief, Eesti Raamat, Estonia

”The Little Book of Bad Moods is a pocket-sized illustrated gift book for those who are sick and tired of being told to stay positive. It’s an invitation to write down all your secret grievances from “your spouse’s most irritating habit” to “how you spot an idiot at work.”   You’ll be asked to “make a list of people who are less talented than you but are still more successful than you” and “name four people you’d like to tell off by using speech bubbles to give them a piece of your mind.”
— Lauren McKenna, Vice President, Executive Editor at Gallery Books

“Refreshing, funny and irreverent, this is a hilarious and cathartic antidote to the wave of positivity that has subsumed us in recent times and will be sure to strike a chord with all those readers looking to swim against the tide and embrace their grumpiness.”
– Alix Leveugle, editor at Editora Plaza & Janés, Penguin Random House, Spain

”A truly quirky and hilarious adults’ activity book.There’s no better way to ease up and let out bad feelings than laughing out loud. I think this will be also a funny and appreciated gift book.”
– Annachiara Tassan, publisher, DeA Planeta Libri, Italy

“A quirky and unorthodox treasure among humor books. It‘s downright funny in a laughing-out-loud way and is clearly meant to channel your inner Grouchy Smurf. I am very happy we finally have a book for all the grumpy (and fun-loving) Slovak readers to fully express their frustration by making notes in this notebook which we hope will eventually lead to calmer and happier homes and finding serenity once exasperation is dried up.“
– Danka Jezikova, acquisitions editor, Ikar, Slovakia

“This book could not have arrived at a better time. There has been so much pressure recently to think positive that I am sure our readers will love the possibility to vent their negative feelings in a way which cannot harm anyone, and to laugh them off and move forward!“
– Šárka Kadlecová, editor-in-chief of fiction department, Euromedia Group, Czech Republic

“Being grumpy finally seems legit!”
– Saška Stojakov, editor, Vulkan, Serbia

“We are thrilled to be the Croatian publishers of The Little Book of Bad Moods! Our team’s positive reaction was immediate and unanimous. There are many anti-self help titles on the market but very few feature such a wonderful and innovative concept. An activity book that gives you instant results – and lots of fun!“
George Alessandro Laidlaw, publisher, Stilus knjiga, Croatia

The Little Book of Bad Moods is a hilarious activity book and a cure for the continuous race to be your better self. I love this funny way to relieve stress and all negative emotions. It is said that complaining should be the Polish national sport. Now we can take it even to a higher level!”
Anna Giryń, editor, Zysk i S-ka, Poland

“There is no better way to improve your mood than to fill in the wonderful sheets of The Little Book of Bad Moods. Excellent philosophy from the happiest nation on earth, reminiscent of the Muskrat’s (from the Moomins) philosophy, The Uselessness of Everything.”
Stella Soffía Jóhannesdóttir, editor, Forlagid, Iceland

”We’ve all been force-fed positive New-Age messages for years now and readers deserve BAD MOODS and some exposure to the truth: life sucks!”
Ziv Lewis, acquisition manager, Kinneret-Zmora, Israel


Lotta Sonninen

Lotta Sonninen works as an editor of Finnish fiction and has also translated a lot of nonfiction. She got the idea for The Little Book of Bad Moods when working on yet another book on positivity. On her free time, she plays in a band and has tried to be funny on a stand-up comedy stage as well.

Author photo by Päivi Puustinen


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