Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak and Serbian: new deals for The Little Book of Bad Moods!

After amazingly bad-mooded couple of weeks we’re very happy to disclose the news about our latest deals for The Little Book of Bad Moods by Lotta Sonninen, the adults‘ activity journal that has raised attention all over the world – is it the rainy weather or the approaching book fairs? We don’t know, but a lot of people have found the book an excellent way to vent their frustration and laugh about it.


This week, we have closed deals in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia – and the story continues!


Spanish rights were acquired at auction by Plaza & Janés, and the Italian rights went to DeA Planeta Libri, likewise at auction. Euromedia bought the Czech rights and the Slovakian rights were sold to Ikar. Serbian rights were acquired by Vulkan. Here’s what the editors had to say about this mean little book:


“Refreshing, funny and irreverent, this is a hilarious and cathartic antidote to the wave of positivity that has subsumed us in recent times and will be sure to strike a chord with all those readers looking to swim against the tide and embrace their grumpiness.”
– Alix Leveugle, editor at Editora Plaza & Janés, Penguin Random House, Spain

“A truly quirky and hilarious adults’ activity book.There’s no better way to ease up and let out bad feelings than laughing out loud. I think this will be also a funny and appreciated gift book.”
– Annachiara Tassan, publisher, DeA Planeta Libri, Italy

“A quirky and unorthodox treasure among humor books. It‘s downright funny in a laughing-out-loud way and is clearly meant to channel your inner Grouchy Smurf. I am very happy we finally have a book for all the grumpy (and fun-loving) Slovak readers to fully express their frustration by making notes in this notebook which we hope will eventually lead to calmer and happier homes and finding serenity once exasperation is dried up.“
– Danka Jezikova, acquisitions editor, Ikar, Slovakia

“This book could not have arrived at a better time. There has been so much pressure recently to think positive that I am sure our readers will love the possibility to vent their negative feelings in a way which cannot harm anyone, and to laugh them off and move forward!“
– Šárka Kadlecová, editor-in-chief of fiction department, Euromedia Group, Czech Republic

“Being grumpy finally seems legit!”
– Saška Stojakov, editor, Vulkan, Serbia

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Rights sold:

Otava (Orig. publisher)
Le Livre de Poche
DeA Planeta Libri
A.W. Bruna
Vigmostad & Bjorke
Editora Plaza & Janés/PRH

About author

Lotta Sonninen

Lotta Sonninen works as an executive editor of nonfiction. She has also taught creative writing and translated many books into Finnish. She got the idea for The Little Book of Bad Moods when working on yet another book on positivity. She secretly thinks that bad moods are good for you.


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