The Magic of Sisu sold to China and Czech Republic

Katja Pantzar’s book about sisu, continues to charm non-fiction editors around the world. Simplified Chinese rights were pre-empted by Yeeyan Publishing, and the Czech rights went to Mladá Fronta. The sisu book has now been sold to nine territories.

“Sisu, a unique type of resilience or perseverance in the face of adversity. Sisu is a special courage, grit and determination – not just in the short term – it’s about being functional in the long run, too.”  Katja Pantzar

The Magic of Sisu is a hands-on guide that introduces the readers to simple but healthy and practical lifestyle written in an accessible and personable literary style. It is also the personal story of the Canadian-born author’s physical and psychological health transformation from a slightly lethargic depressive into an energetic optimist.

“If someone from a place outside Finland can find her happiness, why not people in China? I do think this is important as we can learn from real examples, experience real feelings, listen to real stories and finally find real happiness,” said editor Claire Han of Yeeyan Publishing on the acquisition.

CHINA, Yeeyan Publishing
CZECH REP., Mladá Fronta
FRANCE, Belfond
GERMANY, Bastei Lübbe
ITALY, Marsilio/Sonzogno
SPAIN, Roca Editorial (WS)
UK, Hodder (WE)

Katja Pantzar

Helsinki-based writer, editor and broadcast journalist Katja Pantzar was born in Finland and raised and educated in Canada. A freelance member of the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle’s news team, Pantzar is a regular contributor to Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair and Helsinki correspondent for Monocle 24. She is the author of three guides to Helsinki: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Finding Sisu is the first book Pantzar has written that will be published outside of Finland.


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