Learn the secrets of the happiest country in the world!

We are thrilled to hear that Finland is the happiest country in the world for the seventh consecutive year, according to the World Happiness Report of 2024!

You can read CNN’s coverage of the latest results here: These are the world’s happiest countries in 2024 | CNN

The report itself can be accessed here: World Happiness Report 2024 | The World Happiness Report

We are not shy to share the secrets of our happiness and well-being with others!
Professor Frank Martela, one of the leading researchers of happiness and meaning in life, has been sharing his insights into the Finnish way of living in numerous articles, lastly in CNBC: Finland psychologist, happiness researcher: Phrases we use every day (cnbc.com)
He is currently writing his next non-fiction title Stop Chasing Happiness about what the Finnish way of accepting life as it is, not making a fuss about what is good or bad in their lives, and not caring about happiness that much, can teach other people.
We now have three English sample chapters for the book!

Download the English materials for Stop Chasing Happiness here!

One of the most important ways for the Finns to boost their physical and mental well-being is the hot and cold contrast therapy – pairing a good steam in a sauna with an icy dip in a lake or the sea.
You can learn more about the Finnish hot and cold method from Katja Pantzar and Carita Harju‘s upcoming non-fiction title The Power of Hot and Cold: From Sauna to Sea: The Finnish Way to a Happy, Healthy Life, slated to be published in the United Kingdom in November 2024 by Hodder & Stoughton!

Download the English materials for The Power of Hot and Cold here!


Stop Chasing Happiness

Frank Martela

Want to be happier? Stop searching for happiness. Obsessing about happiness is, paradoxically, one of the key obstacles for a happier life. For seven years in a row, Finland has been the world’s happiest country and the wisdom emerging from this land of darkness and heavy metal teaches you to stop caring about happiness, about what others think, and about what happens next. This liberates you to take life as it is.

In this book, Finland’s leading happiness expert offers straight-talking life advice on why finding happiness is not about learning new things – it is more about unlearning patterns of thinking holding you back. Combining ancient wisdom with latest research and mixing it all together with quirky stories and Frank’s encounters with peculiar Finnish characters met in the forest, in rock festivals, and during his hitchhiking and other travels around the country, the book guides you to build a way of living where you are content and serene, yet actively engaged and energized to pursue your self-chosen purposes in life.


The Power of Hot and Cold

Katja Pantzar and Carita Harju

Step into the world of hot and cold, where contrast therapy – pairing a good steam in a sauna with an icy dip in a lake or the sea – is an essential part of life in Finland. More than a trending pastime, the traditional Finnish practice of alternating hot and cold has a range of health benefits that boost mental and physical wellbeing, which greatly contribute to happiness. It’s also a large part of the reason Finland has been named the World’s Happiest Country for seven years in a row.

This definitive guide by two experts takes readers on a journey into the transformative powers of hot and cold by pairing the sauna, that quintessential hot Finnish steam bath, with a cold-water dip. Along the way, it serves up the inspiration and practical tools for creating a wellness retreat using the Nordic contrast bathing philosophy, wherever you are in the world.

The Finnish hot and cold method boosts happiness by increasing wellbeing and encouraging connection with nature. It’s the secret to how the world’s happiest nation keeps calm and carries on – no matter what life throws at them. Now you too can learn their secrets.

About author

Carita Harju

Carita Harju is a Finnish sauna experience expert and marketing professional whose mission is to share the Finnish sauna’s positive health and wellness benefits with the world. She is the founder and executive director of Sauna from Finland, which represents an international network of more than 200 sauna industry companies. The organization’s mission is to create the world’s best sauna experiences, and Harju loves her work, because it allows her to advance an idea that she is personally so passionate about. Carita Harju has always enjoyed saunas, goes to sauna with her family nearly every day and gives talks all over the world.

Her first illustrated guide, Sauna - The Way of Finnish Life (2016), has been published in four languages, including German and Chinese. Her second book, Soul of the Sauna, was released in Japanese and Hungarian, while her newest title Saunafulness (Hyvää oloa saunomalla, 2021) has been sold to 4 territories.

About author

Frank Martela

Professor Frank Martela, PhD, is a philosopher and researcher of psychology specializing in the question of meaning in life. His articles have appeared in Scientific American Mind, Harvard Business Review, Salon, CNBC and his work has been featured on Quartz and on the BBC. His research has been published extensively in numerous academic journals such as Nature Human Behaviour, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Journal of Personality, Metaphilosophy, Southern Journal of Philosophy, and Academy of Management Review. He has spoken to more than one hundred audiences worldwide, including invited lectures in universities on five continents, including Stanford University and Harvard University. He’s been interviewed by the New York Times, Discover Magazine, New Scientist, Vice News, Fox News, and Monocle Observer among others. He is Assistant Professor at Aalto University in Finland.

Outside of work, Frank is a father to three lovely children, an amateur-level soccer player, with an occasional skiing trip in the winters. He is made in Green Bay, so Packers holds a special place in his heart.

About author

Katja Pantzar

Helsinki-based writer, editor and journalist Katja Pantzar was raised in Canada with stints in New Zealand and the UK. Pantzar’s The Finnish Way has been translated into 24 languages. She is the author of three guides to the Finnish capital: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Pantzar’s writing has appeared in a wide range of media, from The Globe and Mail to Elle. Her work has been widely covered around the world, including in Le Figaro, Le Monde, El País, Vogue, Real Simple, and more.