Finding Sisu sells to 16 territories! In Search Of Courage, Strength And Happiness The Finnish Way

Katja Pantzar’s runaway non-fiction hit Finding Sisu about Finnish well-being and the power of sisu has been sold to Portugal and Thailand, marking the 15th and 16th deal respectively. The Portuguese publisher Marcador Editora was enthusiastic about the acquisition and planning the publication already for mid-2018, as did OpenBooks from Thailand, who will launch Finding Sisu in their new imprint Meri Books, which focuses on books on ‘Nordic wisdom’.

Sisu is said to be the reason Finns have defied so many odds  – winning impossible wars, creating educational miracles, and most importantly, living contently everyday in any kind of weather, condition or situation. The concept has been kept in Finland for a long time. Now, through Katja’s writing, the world gets to learn the secret!” said editor Kanchala Navanugraha from OpenBooks Thailand.

“In a demanding world and stressful life, we need something different to cope with the daily stress and all the pressures. Finding Sisu helps us find the perfect balance inside ourselves and face all the challenges life has in store for us. I do recommend it!” said Cristina Lourenço, thepublisher of Marcador Editora.

The original English edition of the book is set to be published on 22nd of March by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK, to be followed by the German edition, published by Bastei-Lübbe on 27th April, delightfully illustrated by Mareike Engelke. The book will be available for the U.S. readers by TarcherPerigree on the 26th June under the name The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu. Kosmos in the Netherlands is planning an early summer publication, and Spanish edition will be out in autumn 2018.

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Rights sold:
CHINA, Yeeyan Publishing
CZECH REP., Mladá Fronta
FINLAND, Siltala
FRANCE, Belfond
GERMANY, Bastei Lübbe
HUNGARY, Jaffa Kiado
ITALY, Marsilio/Sonzogno
JAPAN, Hojosha
PORTUGAL, Marcador Editora
SPAIN, Roca Editorial (WS)
UK, Hodder/Hachette (WE) (orig. publisher)
US, Tarcher Perigee/Penguin Random House

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Helsinki-based writer, editor and journalist Katja Pantzar was raised in Canada with stints in New Zealand and the UK. Pantzar’s The Finnish Way has been translated into 24 languages. She is the author of three guides to the Finnish capital: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Pantzar’s writing has appeared in a wide range of media, from The Globe and Mail to Elle. Her work has been widely covered around the world, including in Le Figaro, Le Monde, El País, Vogue, Real Simple, and more.


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