France and Netherlands snap up Nordic Kiss: the sisu book

The sisu book, Nordic Kiss, continues to blaze a trail! Just before the Easter break, we closed auctions in France and The Netherlands for Katja Pantzar’s forthcoming book. Belfond and Kosmos were the winning publishers in the respective territories for this exciting non-fiction project that introduces the Nordic lifestyle and the uniquely Finnish concept of sisu.

Both publishers expressed delight with their acquisitions:

“We at Belfond are so happy to be the French publisher of Nordic Kiss, a perfect acquisition for our l’Esprit d’ouverture imprint. Katja Pantzar tells us everything about the Finnish concept of sisu, the new Scandi trends and we can’t wait to spread the word in France. Are you ready to try?” – Caroline Ast, Éditions Belfond, France

“We are very happy and proud that we have the honor of bringing Nordic Kiss to The Netherlands and Belgium. We can use some ‘sisu’ over here.” – Hans Koenen, Kosmos Uitgevers, The Netherlands

FRANCE, Belfond
GERMANY, Bastei Lübbe
ITALY, Marsilio/Sonzogno
SPAIN, Roca Editorial (WS)
UK, Hodder (WE)

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Katja Pantzar

Helsinki-based writer, editor and broadcast journalist Katja Pantzar was born in Finland and raised and educated in Canada. A freelance member of the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle’s news team, Pantzar is a regular contributor to Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair and Helsinki correspondent for Monocle 24. She is the author of three guides to Helsinki: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Finding Sisu is the first book Pantzar has written that will be published outside of Finland.


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