Johanna Sinisalo

Original title: Iron Sky: Renaten tarina

Author: Johanna Sinisalo

Published: 2018

Publisher: Johnny Kniga

Genre: Fantasy & Science Fiction

Pages: 330

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German edition

The story of a young woman, surrounded by a world at war, who lives in the middle of hostile forces in a Nazi fortress on the dark side of the moon

Renate’s Story is based on earlier versions of the original Iron Sky screenplay, and on the background research conducted by author Johanna Sinisalo, who led the film’s original story team. The novel will be launched simultaneously with the premiere of Iron Sky: The Coming Race in 2018.

Renate’s Story is a completely independent work and contains pitch-black humor narrating the ways in which its main character, Renate Richter – raised on the National Socialist values of the 1940s – regards the cultures and habits of those inhabiting the distant Planet Earth.

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Johnny Kniga (orig.)
FRANCE: Actes Sud
HUNGARY: Metropolis Media Group Kft.
SWEDEN: Story Side AB

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About author

Johanna Sinisalo

Johanna Sinisalo (b. 1958) is a Finlandia Prize-winning superstar of Finnish speculative fiction. In addition to her nine novels, she has also written short fiction and film and television screenplays. Her works have been translated into twenty languages.

Sinisalo has won several literary prizes also abroad, such as the 2004 James Tiptree, Jr. Award and the 2017 Prometheus Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in 2008, the Prix Escapades in 2012, and the Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire in 2017. In 2022, Johanna Sinisalo was awarded the Pro Finlandia Medal for services to Finnish literature.


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