The Beggar Princess

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FINLAND: Karisto (orig.)

Original title: Kerjäläisprinsessa

Author: Magdalena Hai

Published: 2012

Publisher: Karisto

Genre: Middle Grade (8-12 Years)

Pages: 188

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The 11-year-old rag collector Gigi was born a princess. After her father lost his crown in a violent uprising, the royal family of Umbrovia has been forced to live in hiding in a busy harbor town. But then one day Gigi and her best friend Henry learn that someone knows their secret, their home is attacked and her mother is taken away. Together with her loving but unpractical father, and the grumpy but kind werewolf Mussovits, they must do their best to save their family.

The Beggar Princess is the first installment in the trilogy Gigi & Henry, which follows the main characters lives from pre-teens to adulthood. The story is set in an alternative history of the 1860s and it mixes fast-paced, julesvernesque adventure story with inventive alternate history.

Magdalena Hai

Magdalena Hai is an award-winning author, lover of cross-genre fiction and all things strange. Her fiction often combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Her Little Shop of Nightmares series will be published in over 20 countries around the World. Among Hai's many accolades are winning the  Finnish Literary Export Prize, and being nominated for Finlandia Jr. and Nordic Council Children & Young People's Literature Prize.

Besides being an author, Hai teaches writing and is an active member and editor in the publishing co-operative Osuuskumma.


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