Russian and Norwegian rights sold for FACELIFT!

We are very excited to let you know that this week Miika Nousiainen’s FACELIFT found foreign publishers in Russia and Norway!
Congratulations to LiveBook Publishing and Vigmostad & Bjørke!

Translation rights have now been sold to Estonia, Germany, Norway and Russia!

Download English presentation and sample using this link.


Livebook Publishing is happy to become the Russian home for the wonderful book FACELIFT by Miika Nousiainen. We are fascinated by the heartwarming humor of this novel and believe that it will be loved by the Russian audience.
– Anna Babyashkina, Chief Editor, LiveBook Publishing, Russia

Vigmostad & Bjørke is excited to be able to introduce FACELIFT by Miika Nousiainen to Norwegian readers. We enjoyed every word of this wonderfully funny, heartwarming book exploring serious matters in an uplifting way.”
– Magdalena Skowronska, Editoral assistant, Vigmostad & Bjørke, Norway


FACELIFT is a story about Sami, a man whose biological clock has been ticking for 15 years, who has desperately wanted to become a father with no avail.
When Sami’s latest future-mother-candidate rides off with a biker guy, he makes a series of bad choices that cause him to anger the local motorcycle gang. How to fix a life where everything seems to go wrong? Sini, a wellbeing blogger with perfectly instagrammable life arrives to offer a solution.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
GERMANY: Kein & Aber
NORWAY: Vigmostad & Bjørke
RUSSIA: LiveBook Publishing

About author

Miika Nousiainen

Miika Nousiainen writes sharp, gentle and often tragicomical novels about surprising themes like long-distance running, the desire to be Swedish, and dentistry. He works as a journalist and writes also for television.


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Miika Nousiainen

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Miika Nousiainen

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