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We hope that some of Miika Nousiainen’s bestseller success in Finland with the recently-published paperback edition of Roots (Juurihoito) – debuting at #1 and currently still dominating the top of the Finnish bestseller list – will rub off on the forthcoming German paperback edition, which an esteemed paperback publisher snapped up in a sub-rights deal with Nagel & Kimche for publication in 2019.

Miika has been busy promoting his book, including a recent trip to Gothenburg Book Fair in September, where he participated in readings and discussions about his work. Here are some recent review highlights from the press and book bloggers all around Europe:

Roots is a particularly amusing novel with a high feel-good content.” – website, the Netherlands

“An amusing family story you read with a smile.” – Tsum literary blog, the Netherlands

“A cock-and-bull story that touches difficult questions.” – Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

“Cool page-turner about men in crisis.” – Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

“Recommended for anyone who has teeth and a dentist to say thanks to.” – Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

“The novel is hilarious and melancholic at the same time.” – Freie Presse, Germany


Rights sold:
FINLAND, Otava (Original publisher)
GERMANY, Nagel & Kimche
HUNGARY, Kossuth
ITALY, Iperborea
LITHUANIA, Alma Littera
SWEDEN, Brombergs

Miika Nousiainen

Miika Nousiainen writes sharp, gentle and often tragicomical novels about surprising themes like long-distance running, the desire to be Swedish, and dentistry. He works as a journalist and writes also for television.


Miika Nousiainen


2020, Commercial/Upmarket, Humor

Miika Nousiainen


2016, Humor

Miika Nousiainen

Raspberry Boat Refugee

2007, Humor

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