FACELIFT to be published in Germany! English sample for CHARMING DUKE!

We are delighted to announce that Kein & Aber AG will publish the German edition Miika Nousiainen’s bestselling novel FACELIFT in the fall 2021 as one of their lead titles! Award-winning translator Elina Kritzokat has translated the German edition. Advance buzz around the book in Germany has started:
Praise from the German publisher:

“I must say that this new book really exceeds our expectations. I loved each character of the book, I loved its subtle humour, its lightness while at the same time it manages to address difficult and quite topical subjects. I think that this is quite a strength of the book: it works as entertainment, but it is also psychologically smart and social criticism in its most wonderful, discreet form.”
– Patrick Sielemann, Editor, Kein & Aber AG


“Facelift is a perfect feel-good novel. It meets the high expectations that we have learned to expect from Nousiainen: it’s funny, dark, entertaining and very timely.”  – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

FACELIFT is #6 on the official Finnish Bestseller list

Download English sample here.

By Miika Nousiainen

Sami has a dream: he desperately wants to be a father. His biological clock has been ticking for the past 15 years so loudly that sometimes it’s hard to hear his own thoughts. But it’s not so easy to become a father, first of all, you need to find a suitable future mother candidate.

But when Sami’s latest future-mother-candidate rides off with a biker guy, he makes a series of bad choices that cause him to anger the local motorcycle gang. How to fix a life where everything seems to go wrong? Sini, a wellbeing blogger with perfectly instagrammable life arrives to offer a solution.


English sample for CHARMING DUKE now available

by Sara Medberg

“Bridgerton meets Jane Austen in 19th century Sweden”
The lady of Blackthorn Castle, beautiful Arabella, has been widowed and fallen into poverty. In the midst of all adversity, she is encouraged by Jane Austen’s literary heroines. However, the shadows of the past won’t leave Arabella alone: she encounters a dazzling English duke who claims to know a fatal secret about Arabella’s late spouse.
This enchanting novel takes place in the social circles of Helsinki and in the court of Stockholm in 1816.

Download English sample here.


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Rights sold
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
GERMANY: Kein & Aber
NORWAY: Vigmostad & Bjørke
RUSSIA: Livebook Publishing
SERBIA: Odiseja


Rights sold
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Miika Nousiainen

Miika Nousiainen writes sharp, gentle and often tragicomical novels about surprising themes like long-distance running, the desire to be Swedish, and dentistry. He works as a journalist and writes also for television.

Sara Medberg

Sara Medberg is a historian currently writing a doctoral dissertation about the education of highborn girls in the 18th century. The ideas for her novels are derived from her research. Medberg enjoys costume dramas, fashion from the past, castles, mansions, shopping and running. Her previous novel Golden Gate Manor (2018, Otava) has sold over 11,000 copies in Finland.

EALA Spring 2021 Fiction Rights Guide

We are happy and proud to share our spring 2021 Fiction Rights Guide and announce amazing new titles from bestselling crime to award-winning literary fiction and heartwarming feel-good!

Browse our full Spring 2021 Fiction Rights Guide here.


Cargo by A.M. Ollikainen
Winner of National Crime Novel Competition

The first in a fast-paced and addictive Nordic Noir series. A.M. Ollikainen is Finland’s Lars Kepler!

A cargo container is found in Helsinki with a dead body inside.The container and the property where it’s found belongs to one of the most notorious businessmen in Finland. As Police Commissioner Paula Pihlaja begins to investigate the case, traces lead back to the businessman’s family, revealing decades of suspicious business ventures in Africa.

Reading materials coming in April


Bad Blood (Jessica Niemi #3) by Max Seeck
New York Times Bestselling Author
A prominent business executive Eliel Rosenström is found brutally murdered in his home in Helsinki. The murder motive become less clear, when the police finds out that the murderer had other targets as well. The only clue the police has is a photo of Rosenström with three other men, whose faces are all scratched off. Who are the faceless men, and why can’t the police identify them? Are they other victims? Or something more sinister?

Full English coming in September


Still Waters Run Deep by Elina Backman
A standalone sequel to All the King’s Men
Is evil lurking beneath the calm waters? Three young men are making a documentary film about a mystical hermit, living in the Isle of Sheep in Helsinki. First one of them disappears, then another one. When one of them is found dead in the nearby nature reserve, the police becomes involved.

Download the English synopsis from here


 Bechi by Koko Hubara

A groundbreaking debut novel from one of the most interesting authors of the generation. This is the story of a simultaneously close and destructive relationship between a mother and a daughter, and of a desire to belong somewhere while also wanting to break free.

Bechi is in her thirties, and lives in Helsinki, where she is trying to finish her master’s thesis. Her mother Shoshana is a writer of Yemeni Jewish heritage. Her autobiographical novel shocked readers in Finland, but she has also burned all the bridges between her family in Israel.

When Bechi tells her mother about her pregnancy, many years of tension come to a head. How can two people remember everything so differently? More importantly, what are the things that they would rather forget?

English sample coming soon!


Irrational Things by Saara Turunen

Autofictive story of love, death and life between two countries. Turunen’s funny, witty and melancholic voice examines the contradiction of sense and sensibility.

What if you are in love with a good man – a man you have always wanted to fall in love with? But what if this man lives in one country and you in another? Should you be sensible and leave the man to be free and independent? Or should you follow your heart, burn the bridges behind, and go after him?

Download 100-page English sample & synopsis from here


Homestead by Ann-Luise Bertell
Finlandia Prize and Runeberg Award Nominee 2020
When Elof is ten years old, his father dies, leaving him and his little brother Ivar alone at the mercy of their relatives. Elof learns that he must never show fear, especially not in front of others and never to his wife Olga, whom he never really gets close to. Pride is the most important thing to Elof, as is their homestead, Heiman, which is all the family has ever truly owned.

Download English sample and synopsis from here or request the Swedish ms

Arctic Mirage by Terhi Kokkonen
Winner of the Debut Novel competition 2020

Literary mystery with a “Twin Peaks” vibe set in Finnish Lapland.

Karo and Risto go on holiday in Lapland to give themselves time to fix their stressful marriage. However, on their way back home, they’re involved in a car accident and are subsequently forced to stay at the only accommodation in the area; Hotel Arctic Mirage. Once inside, they find that the hotel has a rather strange atmosphere and it starts to have a peculiar effect on them. Karo begins to doubt her own memories and tries her best to escape the snowbound hotel holiday village whereas Risto starts to feel strange and refuses to leave.

Download English sample and synopsis from here


My Friend Natalia by Laura Lindstedt
US Debut in March 23rd, 2021 by W.W. Norton/Liveright

A bold, and brave novel about young woman’s sexuality, the power of narration, and identity.

Natalia starts to see a therapist to help solve the problems in her sex life. It is clear from the beginning that she is not going to play by the rules of the therapy. The weekly sessions combine art, philosophy, literature, childhood memories, and erotic experiences as a method of treatment, and slowly they make Natalia lose all her inhibitions. She starts to enjoy the therapy – maybe too much?

Download the full English pdf from here


Charming Duke by Sara Medberg

Bridgerton meets Jane Austen in 19th century Sweden

The lady of Blackthorn Castle, beautiful Arabella, has been widowed and fallen into poverty. In the midst of all adversity, she is encouraged by Jane Austen’s literary heroines. However, the shadows of the past won’t leave Arabella alone: she encounters a dazzling English duke who claims to know a fatal secret about Arabella’s late spouse.

Download the English synopsis from here – sample coming soon