Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

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Max Seeck is the New York Times Bestselling Author of THE WITCH HUNTER.  “Another star has been added to the firmament of thriller writers,” announced Iltalehti newspaper, when Max’s debut novel was published in 2016. Four years and four books later, Max Seeck’s novels have been sold to more than 40 countries, including US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries and as far as Korea!

His debut trilogy following protagonist Daniel Kuisma sold over 40,000 copies in Finland. His new Jessica Niemi series landed him on the New York Times Bestseller list! In Faithful Reader, AKA The Witch Hunter (US title), book 1 of the Jessica Niemi series, Helsinki Police Detective Jessica Niemi hunts an occultist serial killer. In Evil’s Net, AKA Ice Coven, Jessica and her team follow clues hidden on Instagram to solve the disappearance of a young influencer and a manga artist.

Max Seeck has a background in sales and marketing, and has lately been able to dedicate his time to his lifelong love of writing. His interests include well-conducted research, reading Nordic Noir and listening to movie soundtracks as he writes.

Praise for The Angels of Hammurabi:

“A deeply atmospheric debut.”  – Radio Helsinki

“Exceptionally refined.”  – Debut Thriller of the Year Award jury

“Sometimes, very rarely though, while reading an unpublished manuscript, you get a feeling of astonishment and disbelief: this is too good to be true, this has to be a skillful modification of something already published. But you just cannot put your finger on exactly which books and authors.

This is what happened to me when I started reading The Angels of Hammurabi, a thriller by Max Seeck, an unsolicited manuscript sent to Tammi Publishers by email this January. And yes, even the name Max Seeck is uncommon in Finnish! It has to be a pen name. Am I being played here?

But the further I went into the manuscript, this feeling was completely replaced by another notion. No, this is too skillful. Too well written. Too original. Very aware of the thriller and crime fiction tradition, yes, but has effectively went a long way into its own powerful direction.

It turned out that Max Seeck was an actual person, a young brand agency executive living in Helsinki. A big fan of Jo Nesbø. But The Angels of Hammurabi is no piece of fan fiction. Nor it is an amalgam of influences that you can trace. It is a truly original, very fast paced story of an army intelligence officer named Daniel Kuisma sent to help Croatian police with a missing person case. The person in question is a Finnish embassy employee. Kuisma is accompanied by a determined young foreign office analyst Ms Annika Lehto.

We learn contradictory details of the disappearance which gradually gets linked and evolves into a bigger chain of mysterious and shocking events, both contemporary and related to the violent civil war in the 1990´s Balkans. And not all people and their motives are what they seem.

My years in publishing have made me cautious of the saying “I could not put it down”. I wish I could have been able to say it more often. When it is true, you definitely want to share it with other people. Because you are certain they will enjoy it too.”

— Hannu Harju, Publishing Manager of Finnish Fiction, Tammi Publishers


Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

The Angels of Hammurabi

2016, Crime & Thriller

Seeck Mephisto Touch FI cover

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

The Mephisto Touch

2017, Crime & Thriller

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

The Call of Hades

2018, Crime & Thriller

the witch hunter

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

Faithful Reader a.k.a. The Witch Hunter, by New York Times Bestselling Author, Max Seeck!

2019 August, Crime & Thriller

Evil's Net, Jessika Niemi #2

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

Evil’s Net

2020 Fall, Crime & Thriller

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