Announcing the Norwegian auction winner for THE SILK SISTERS historical romance series!

THE SILK SISTERS historical romance series will be published in Norway by Kagge Forlag!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that following an auction, the Norwegian rights for three first titles in Sara Medberg’s Historical Romance series THE SILK SISTERS have now been acquired by Kagge! The deal was closed by Toomas Aasmäe at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

Now this Historical Romance series will be published already in 5 countries!

Kagge Forlag is the fifth biggest publishing house in Norway, publisher of high-quality fiction and non-fiction, owned by Politikens Forlag, Denmark.  Kagge Forlag’s team is really excited about Sara Medberg and THE SILK SISTERS series:

Sara Medberg’s series from the Nordic manors and courts of the 19th Century is as fascinating as it is entertaining. The author’s knowledge about the historical period makes a solid base for the story, but does not stop the excitement, drama and desire from flowing through the pages. I am thrilled to be able to share these books with Norwegian lovers of historical feelgood and romance.
-Anja Gustavson, Editor, Kagge Forlag

Kagge acquired three first titles in the series –  #1 CHARLOTTA, #2 ARABELLA and #3 ARAMINTA, all of which were last week also pre-empted by Peoples Press in Denmark! Swedish rights for the 2 first titles in the series have been acquired by Norstedts and Estonian rights to the first title have been sold to Varrak.

Rights have been sold to 5 countries, but are still available in the US, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Norway, Lithuania, Czechia, Poland, etc.

Download the English samples and synopses for the series here.

Sara Medberg’s series consists of six books, which are also standalones. In each book the main heroine reads one of Jane Austen’s novels. The novels’ events take place in 19th century, and the genre is regency romance.

The book series takes us to an era where the European aristocracy travelled and mingled. The young offspring of the high class sought out adventures and new fashions on their grand tours in the courts of Europe. Love, danger, royal ties, intrigue, and passion intermingle in this captivating and buoyant series.


by Sara Medberg

I: CHARLOTTA: Jane Austen’s newly published ‘Pride and Prejudice’ alters the way Charlotta sees her role as a woman. But the book’s ideas of modern love, marriage and early feminism are put to the test as the bitter war-torn baron Ridderlöw becomes romantically interested in Charlotta. Can an ordinary lady’s maid have it all: a meaningful life and the man of her dreams?

II:  ARABELLA: a story about the mistress of Blackthorn Castle, Arabella Öhrnmarck. She becomes widowed after an unhappy marriage and travels home to Stockholm to be near the Royal Court. But something strange is going on. Mystical incidents and threatening situations occur non-stop. It seems that somebody is out to silence her. But what is the secret they are searching? Then a fascinating English duke starts to court Arabella…

From Swedish Midsummer to beautiful Jylland in Denmark! Araminta Solina’s brother is arrested and accused of high treason. A desperate fight to free him ensues. A mystical baron offers his help. Can they save him?

When mademoiselle Elize Cavalier wakes up in an unknown man’s bed after her debutante ball at the Royal Castle in Copenhagen she knows she’s in trouble. Blacksmith Elias Jensen is  as surprised but because of other reasons. A scandal is a fact!

V: THE UNRULY BARONESS (working title)
Baroness Morgenstierne has decided not to let conventions run her life! She arranges a contest for her hand to find a husband. But when admirers besiege the baroness things get more complicated than she had thought and there’s an unforeseen turn of events…

VI: THE KING’S BELOVED (working title)
Oslo, Norway, anno 1817. Crown prince Carl Johan of Sweden appears at palace maid Mariette’s cottage. A diary has been found, secrets come to light, Mariette is transferred to Stockholm court. But will she always only be a rich man’s mistress?




“Medberg’s descriptions are almost poetical… – Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper

“Romantic fiction in Jane Austen’s style” -Turun Sanomat Newspaper

“Sex or discretion – which is best in romance?” -Finnish National Yle Radio 1, Culture One

“For someone looking for a feel-good novel. And as it should be – happy ending.” – Kotivinkki Magazine

“Lightheartedness with fact-covered icing. — With a fine nuance of the modern things special for that era..” – Länsi-Suomi


Rights sold for the series:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

DENMARK: People’s Press
NORWAY: Kagge Forlag
SWEDEN: Norstedts

Otava, 2020 (orig.)
300 pp.

Otava, 2021 (orig.)
250 pp.

Otava, Spring 2023 (orig.)

About author

Sara Medberg

Sara Medberg is a historian currently writing her doctoral dissertation about the education of highborn girls in the 18th century. The ideas for her novels come from her research. In her thesis she studies young womens' conduct manuals in Sweden in the 18th century from the perspective of the modernising ideals for women and the upbringing of girls.

Sara has received academic scholarships from the Swedish Cultural Foundation, Waldemar von Frenckell's Foundation and the Swedish Literature Society. Including others, her literary work is sponsored by the Finnish Author Association and Otava's Book Foundation.

Medberg enjoys costume dramas, fashion from the past, castles, mansions, shopping and running. In Finland, her novels have already sold over 43,500 copies.


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Sara Medberg

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Sara Medberg

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Sara Medberg