Charlotte Casiraghi has chosen Mia Kankimäki’s bestseller THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT for the CHANEL “Summer Readings with Charlotte Casiraghi” campaign!

We are beyond thrilled and excited to share that Mia Kankimäki’s international bestseller THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT (Simon & Schuster) and the French edition: CES HÉROINES QUI PEUPLENT MES NUITS (Gallimard, Folio)  were chosen for CHANEL’S “Summer Readings with Charlotte Casiraghi 2023” campaign! In this annual campaign, Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, picks a selection of books that she recommends to read this summer.

For the summer 2023 selection, four books were chosen, and Charlotte Casiraghi was asked a question about each title.

In CHANEL’s video that you can access here, Charlotte Casiraghi was asked to describe THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT/ CES HÉROINES QUI PEUPLENT MES NUITS as a virtue and here is her answer:

Bravery. Because we’re borne aloft by the bravery of these women who inspire the author. And I must say she has a number of adventures thanks to these exceptional women.
– Charlotte Casiraghi about THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT

THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT has sold over 55,000 copies in Finland and has so far been sold into 21 territories. A TV series based on the book is in development by napafilms!


We have the full English translation for you to read – rights are still available in Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Greece, Romania, etc. !

Download the materials for THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT here!

Naiset joita ajattelen öisin
Otava, 2018, 448pp

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
CHINA: Beijing Huaxia Winshare Books Co., Ltd.
CZECH REPUBLIC: Albatros Media / Motto
DENMARK: Bilgrav
ESTONIA: Varrak Publishers
FILM & TV RIGHTS: napafilms oy
FRANCE (paperback): Folio
FRANCE: Editions Leduc
HUNGARY: Kossuth
ITALY: Neri Pozza Editore
JAPAN: Soshisha
LATVIA: Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
LITHUANIA: Leidykla Gelmes
NORWAY: Gursli Berg Forlag
POLAND: Poznańskie
SWEDEN: Wahlström & Widstrand
UK: Simon & Schuster
USA: Simon & Schuster

Reading materials:
English edition

About author

Mia Kankimäki

Mia Kankimäki is the author of two best-selling books which blend travelogue, memoir, biography, and women’s history. After taking a master’s degree in comparative literature at the University of Helsinki and working diligently in Finnish publishing, in 2010 she left her job and traveled to Japan to write her first book. Her books have received several literary awards, for example the Best Travel Book of the Year 2013, the HelMet Award 2015, and Otava Book Foundation’s Non-Fiction Award 2020. She currently lives in Helsinki, Finland, whenever she’s not traveling for her next book project.

Mia has been enthusiastic about Japanese culture for years and is a qualified ikebana teacher of the Sogetsu school. Her first book Things That Make One’s Hear Beat Faster took her to Kyoto where she has spent long periods of writing and making research ever since. Kankimäki’s second book The Women I Think About at Night has sold over 55,000 copies in Finland and the translation rights have been sold to 21 territories, including USA and China.

Mia's both books have been aqcuired by Japanese publisher Soshisha:

"I am delighted to share that Mia Kankimäki’s debut title, THINGS THAT MAKE ONE’S HEART BEAT FASTER, is embraced and loved by many Japanese readers. A cross between an autobiography and a travelogue, the author finds an emotional connection with a woman geographically far apart and from a different era and tries to discover who she really was. I believe this style is reflected in THE WOMEN I THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT as well. Though some of the female figures in this second book might not be well-known locally, I am looking forward to seeing how our readers will react to their lifestyles." - Daisuke Watanabe, Editor, Soshisha


2018, General Nonfiction, Narrative Nonfiction

The Women I Think About At Night

Mia Kankimäki

2013, General Nonfiction, Narrative Nonfiction

Things That Make One's Heart Beat Faster

Mia Kankimäki