Fantastic reception to Finlandia-winner Laura Lindstedt’s new novel about young woman’s sexuality ‘My Friend Natalia’

Laura Lindsted’t new brave novel My Friend Natalia was published in Finland on Friday, March 15th. This amazing book about young woman’s problems in her sex life has generated a lot of media buzz and it has been reviewed in two major newspapers and various blogs!

My Friend Natalia is a novel about the possibilities of therapy, and a passionate speech about art”, writes literary critic Mervi Kantokorpi in the biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

“Laura Lindstedt has left the conventions of prose behind already in her debut (Scissors), and has broken the rules of narratives ever since. She moves freely in the consciousness of the characters and drops fragments of the story here and there.- – ‘My Friend Natalia’ is full of playful irony and female laughter.”

– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland 15.3.2019 *****

“I have once called Laura Lindstedt the rock star of literature”

“Lindstedt plays effortlessly with the different language registers. As a literature researcher she knows how to use all the tools of the world literature.”

“The awaited book by Finlandia prize winner has the reader follow a nymphomaniac and very suspicious therapy sessions. This plot-driven mystery has a lot to offer for readers.”

– Aamulehti newspaper, Finland 15.3.2019   ****

“My Friend Natalia is a phenomenal book. It fits perfectly in the current genre of feminist world literature.”

“The texts flows from page to page. There’s nothing too much, nothing too little. It is easy to read even though the topics aren’t easy.”

– Kirsin Book Club blog  17.3.2019

“My Friend Natalia is a literary game. It uses philosophy, feminism and art research to build a narrative with sexuality in its heart. It examines how words and meanings are created. And all of its layers are hiding and revealing something at the same time.”

– Tuijata. Kulttuuripohdintoja. blog 16.3.2019

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Laura Lindstedt

Laura Lindstedt (b. 1976) became a critical darling with her adoption-themed debut novel Scissors (Sakset, Teos 2007), which earned her a nomination for the Finlandia Prize, the country’s most prestigious literary honour. She is currently revising her Ph.D. thesis on French author Nathalie Sarraute. Lindstedt’s second novel Oneiron (Teos 2015) is a work of speculative fiction that takes place in the mysterious moments that follow one’s death. Oneiron has continued Lindstedt’s critical success, earning her the coveted 2015 Finlandia Prize. Lindstedt’s latest novel My Friend Natalia has been a critical success and the rights have been sold to 12 territories.


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