New praise for Laura Lindstedt and Mia Kankimäki

Laura Lindstedt’s new novel My Friend Natalia has been out for one month, and it has received rave reviews in many newspapers and literary blogs:

“Great novel that shows that Lindstedt can reinvent herself as a writer!” – Demokraatti magazine 8/19

“So bold, but ah, so stylish!” – Kainuun Sanomat newspaper 14.4.

“Every word is carefully thought and at the right place!”  Jorman lukunurkka blog 24.3.

“Lindstedt guides the reader flexibly through a multilayered, fragmented story that digresses in every turn, yet still holds together tightly.” – Kirjasta kirjaan blog 24.3.

“My Friend Natalia makes you laugh, but also question where the laughter comes from. It is unforgettable, a new corner stone in the Finnish women’s literature!” – Reader, why did I marry him blog 26.3.

“Lindstedt’s language is so lovely, flowy, and it makes me fall in love with my mother tongue again. I wanted to read this book so badly that I was annoyed every day when my commute was over and I had to put the book down!” – Bookish tea party blog 12.4.

My Friend Natalia updates the attitudes toward sex as well as the power structures between men and women!” – Kirja vieköön blog 1.4.

There’s no doubt that Mia Kankimäki’s The Women I Think About at Night has gotten more attention from media, print press and bloggers than any other Finnish book last year! And new reviews are still flying in!

“These Night Women will never leave my mind. The next time I doubt myself, I will close my eyes and think about them – and about Mia Kankimäki – and all the things they have been able to do.”
– Kotivinkki magazine

“One of the most unique travel guides!”
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

“Joyful mix of non-fic, travel diary and self-help!”
– Eeva magazine

“The Women I Think About At Night is so empowering! I feel like a stronger person after reading it. I feel I am capable of more! I am a night woman of my own life!”
– Kirjasähkökäyrä blog

“Kankimäki has the skill of writing: she can bring history and past alive. She wonders, observes, experiences and figures things out in such a realistic way that the reader shares her excitement and passion.”
– Kulttuuri kukoistaa blog 

“I fell in love with Kankimäki’s writing, her sharp humor and precise remarks. – – She writes so honestly about the process of creating the book that the reader can relate.”
– Hyviä Sanoja blog 

“So captivating that you can’t skip even one sentence!”
– Lumiomena blog 

“The Women I Think About at Night makes one reflect their own life and choices. It’s a book you can read many times.”
– Kirjakaapin kummitus

“This book is great for many women, older and younger. And I encourage men to open the book too!”
– Oma Sivunkääntäjä blog

“Kankimäki’s work is a power book for all girls and women. It urges you to do, go, dare and find your dreams – and yourself.”
– Parasta ennen blog

“This book is so inspiring that I immediately decided to book a trip to Florence!”
– Tuijata. Kulttuuripohdintoja Blog 

“Mia Kankimäki has smart wits and fabulous self-irony!”
– Maaseudun tulevaisuus newspaper  

“Pick up the book, open it, read the forewords – and you are ready for a journey of your lifetime!”
– Curiouser & Curiouser blog

“The Women I Think About at Night is a book about brave women – and about Mia Kankimäki herself. She looks for advice and guidance from these historical role models.”
– Suomen Kuvalehti magazine

“History is full of men’s strories. So Mia Kankimäki’s book is fresh and important, but it is also done brilliantly with a mix of facts and fiction. She paints an adventure after adventure in front of the reader, who cannot help but dive into them.”

“We are so lucky to have women who don’t just settle to dream, but actually follow their hearts. We are lucky to have Mia Kankimäki, joka left her old life and embarked on an adventure  to brighten up the days of all of the women who are stuck in everyday life and work. We are lucky to have Mia’s sharp pen, curious mind and brave heart, who can lead by example and encourage us to step on unknown paths.”
– Double you hell yes – blog

“Kankimäki is a modern explorer – a female Indiana Jones, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty on her search for Night Women. But instead of a whip she strikes with her pen!”
– Luettua elämää blog

“Every woman should have this book! It’s like morning coffee or a nail file – life it impossible with it! We need The Women I Think About at Night in every woman’s bag, porch swing or hideaway. And in every man’s life too!”
– Kuriiri magazine

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