New Chinese picture book deals: Mandy & Andy and Little Mouse!

We are thrilled to announce new Chinese picture book deals: China Astronautic Publishing House has acquired the simplified Chinese rights to the best-selling Mandy and Andy series, starring two lively cat siblings, who love learning new things. The educative series has gone on over three decades in Finland and is loved by children, generation after generation: altogether millions of copies have been sold.

“The wonderful stories of Mandy and Andy are just like it is when children are growing up: they love to learn and to explore new things, they like adventures and they make mistakes as well. I’m sure Mandy and Andy will be loved by kids in China.”  – Echo Han, editor, China Astronautic Publishing House

Riikka Jäntti’s picture book series Little Mouse has been acquired by Beijing Yuntu Tech. Little Mouse is a toddler who doesn’t always behave exactly as Mommy Mouse would wish: the sweet and delightfully relatable stories are told through detailed, classic illustrations. So far the rights have been sold to Germany, UK & Commonwealth and Denmark. The English-language edition was recently published to great reviews:

“This book is a physically beautiful oddity, made more interesting by its unsanctimonious narrative arc and Jäntti’s acknowledgement that parents will be inconsistent and must often choose their battles. Her drawings are Scandi sublime.” – The Times, UK

Click here for English reading materials of Little Mouse and Mandy and Andy!

Rights sold: Mandy and Andy series 
Original publisher: FINLAND, Satukustannus
CHINA (simplified Chinese), China Astronautic Publishing House

Rights sold: Little Mouse series
Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
AUSTRALIA, Scribe/Scribble (Books 1-2)
CHINA, Beijing Yuntu Tech (Books 1-3)
DENMARK, ABC Forlag (Books 1-2)
GERMANY, Eulenspiegel (Book 1)
NEW ZEALAND, Scribe/Scribble (Books 1-2)
UK, Scribe/Scribble (Books 1-2)

About author

Riikka Jäntti

Riikka Jäntti, a 2003 graduate of University of Industrial Art of Helsinki, now part of Aalto University, is a Helsinki-based illustrator and author who has created art for both nonfiction and fairy tale books for children. Her first children’s book was published in 2005. Jäntti is best known for the adorable Little Mouse series that has publishers in 16 territories, including Australia, Nepal, and China!

In her illustrations, she uses pen and ink as well as watercolor and gouache. In 2009 Jäntti won the first-ever Tieto-Lauri, an award for children’s and juvenile non-fiction, for her illustrations in Viidakkotanssi (Jungle Dance). The book was written by Markku Löytönen about the explorer Rafael Karsten in Ecuador.


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