Little Mouse's Christmas

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FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

AUSTRALIA: Scribe Publications


ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat AS

FRANCE: Cambourakis

GERMANY: Cross Cult

ROMANIA: Editura Paralela 45

RUSSIA: Strecoza

SWEDEN: Epix Bokförlag

Original title: Pikku hiiren joulu

Author: Riikka Jäntti

Published: 2017

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Pages: 48

Part of a series: Little Mouse series

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Little Mouse series – Book 3

Little Mouse has a long time to wait until Christmas! Luckily he has lots of things to do to get ready!

It’s almost Christmas and Little Mouse is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Mummy Mouse and Grandpa and Grandma Mouse. But Christmas feels very far away and Little Mouse is very impatient!

Fortunately there are all kinds of things for Little Mouse to help with, like cooking gingerbread and choosing the right Christmas tree.


"Beautifully illustrated … put together with enormous charm. I rather want to be invited to Little Mouse’s Christmas." – Alex O’Connell, The Times

‘The illustrations inside are fantastic and provide a lot of talking points (I especially love the illustration of his bedroom…so many things to look at and talk about!) I think this is the perfect little story to read at bedtime and will make both parent and child giggle. Lovely!’ – Blabbering About Books

Foreign covers

Riikka Jäntti

Riikka Jäntti, a 2003 graduate of University of Industrial Art of Helsinki, now part of Aalto University, is a Helsinki-based illustrator and author who has created art for both nonfiction and fairy tale books for children. Her first children’s book was published in 2005. Jäntti is best known for the adorable Little Mouse series that has publishers in 16 territories, including Australia, Nepal, and China!

In her illustrations, she uses pen and ink as well as watercolor and gouache. In 2009 Jäntti won the first-ever Tieto-Lauri, an award for children’s and juvenile non-fiction, for her illustrations in Viidakkotanssi (Jungle Dance). The book was written by Markku Löytönen about the explorer Rafael Karsten in Ecuador.


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