The Palokaski crime series debuts in the Netherlands and Poland!

JohanssonJun20_2nd optionJ. K. Johansson’s Palokaski Trilogy (Tammi), a hybrid of Twin Peaks, Gone Girl and Nordic crime, launches in the Netherlands by The House of Books and in Poland by Literackie this summer.

Behind the pen name J.K. Johansson is a team of seasoned professional storytellers who have not publicly revealed their identities. Johansson loves HBO’s television series, Jo Nesbø’s thrillers, Tove Jansson’s Moomin books and well-written erotic scenes. Johansson’s hobbies include yoga, crossword puzzles, big mountain snowboarding and the endless stalking of innocent (and not so innocent) people in the internet.

J. K. Johansson recently gave a Polish-language interview to Literackie:

“It is simultaneously easier and more difficult to disappear in the global digital world of today. Everybody leaves all sorts of tracks, and one can be found more easily. On the other hand, creating a false identity and decoy is easier than ever,” the authors wrote.

“The film rights of the Palokaski Trilogy have been acquired by Eyeworks, which is part of Warner Bros. We are working on the complete story of all three books, but the format and the schedule are still open. In Finland, readers have loved the entertaining story and told that this is the best kind of reading you can take with you on a holiday trip,” Johansson continued.


“J.K. Johansson has written an intriguing novel. The plot and the psychology behind the disappearance of Laura is so very cleverly put together that reading this first book in a series of three will definitely raise your appetite for the following two books. We are thrilled to publish this series.”
-Ilonka Reintjens, The House of Books, The Netherlands

“We are very glad it is us who will be the publishers of this intriguing series. A crime novel in the spirit of Twin Peaks? Readers have been waiting for such a book for years.”
Paweł Ciemniewski, Wydawnictwo Literackie

“A small town. A missing girl. A secret that grows deeper the more is unveiled. Laura is electrifying, and we are thrilled to publish this wonderful book as first part of a series that will be a treat for fans of Nordic crime fiction.”
-Susanne Gretter, Suhrkamp, Germany


Noora is a book in which almost every character has a secret; this amps up the tension in the story. The crimes and murders simply provide an extra garnish to the narrative.”
Ruumiin kulttuuri, The Finnish Whodunnit Society’s quarterly magazine

“Like its predecessor Laura, Noora is constructed from the building blocks of guaranteed literary entertainment. A slick plot has been packed full with surprises and a sense of danger and dread. The chapters are short and snappy and almost always end in a hook that a reader can’t resist.”
Kouvolan sanomat newspaper, Finland


LAURA (Tammi 2013): Former internet cop Miia Pohjavirta begins a new career as a special needs teacher at her former high school. On her first day at work, she hears that student Laura Anderson has disappeared from a party held on the Palokaski beach to celebrate the end of summer. When Laura’s parents create a Facebook page in order to locate their daughter, a Pandora’s Box is opened.

NOORA (Tammi 2014): Noora is a lonely girl with no friends. When Laura Andersson’s body is found near the Palokaski beach, Laura’s former classmate Noora is confused. She cannot help but feel annoyed about the fact that even in death Laura is getting so much attention. On the day following the discovery of Laura’s body, Noora visits Miia Pohjavirta’s office and says that she is fearing for her life.

VENLA (Tammi 2015, full English synopsis now available!): Venla‘s case is the undercurrent in all the parts of the series. The sudden disappearance of Miia and Nikke’s sister Venla in the 1980s left its mark on the whole family. As Miia finds herself being pulled back into Venla’s mystery, she begins to see connections between the stories of Laura, Noora and Venla.

BELGIUM, The House of Books
GERMANY, Suhrkamp
GREECE, Kedros
NETHERLANDS, The House of Books
POLAND, Literackie
Film & TV Rights, Eyeworks/Warner Bros.

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J. K. Johansson is the pen name of a group of professional storytellers. Johansson loves Nordic crime novels, HBO series, well-written sex scenes, and reading the book before seeing the movie. The Palokaski Trilogy, set in a suburb near Helsinki, is a tense psychological thriller and a tangled relationship and family drama in an internet-dominated society.


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