Polish rights to LAURA and two other novels in the Palokaski crime series sold to Literackie

Johansson_Laura_etukansiWe are thrilled to announce that the Polish rights of J.K. Johansson’s thrillers Laura, Noora and Venla have been sold to Literackie for publication in 2014-16. Translation rights have previously been sold in German (Suhrkamp), Dutch (The House of Books) and Greek (Kedros). TV and film rights were acquired by Nordisk Film TV Finland / Matila Röhr Nordisk.

“J.K. Johansson has written an intriguing novel. The plot and the psychology behind the disappearance of Laura is so very cleverly put together that reading this first book in a series of three will definitely raise your appetite for the two following books. We are thrilled to publish this series.” – Ilonka Reintjens, The House of Books

“A small town. A missing girl. A secret that grows deeper the more is unveiled. LAURA is electrifying, and we are thrilled to publish this wonderful book as first part of a series that will be a treat for fans of Nordic crime fiction.”
– Susanne Gretter, Suhrkamp

What happened to Laura Anderson?
Twin Peaks meets Nordic Crime! A tense psychological thriller and an amusing relationship drama in an internet-dominated society.

Book 1 Laura was published in Finland by Tammi Publishers in March 2013 to great reviews and Nooraexcellent sales. Laura Anderson is a high school student and is very much missing. Mia is a not-quite-forty former internet cop trying to break her Facebook addiction. Nikke is her brother, a broad-minded school psychologist. When Laura’s parents start a Facebook page to try and find her daughter, they open up a Pandora’s box. Laura is an intelligent and entertaining book. A reader feels fondness for its characters like one does for friends or family members – lovable and infuriating, impossible to put aside.

Book 2 Noora is lonely: she has no friends at school, on Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter. She has intently followed the case and is prepared to do just about anything for a fraction of the attention Laura received. Before long Noora comes up with a plan, and to the town’s horror and the tabloids’ delight, she disappears. Has tragedy struck again?

Book 3 Venla‘s case is the undercurrent in all the parts of the series. The disappearance of Venla, Mia and Nikke’s sister, left its mark on the whole family. Their father died a couple of years later in a car crash and the mother looked for refuge in religion, which alienated Mia and Nikke from her and turned the two of them into a close-knit family unit. Will Venla’s mystery be finally revealed?

Book 2 Noora in the Palokaski series will be published in Finland in March 2014 and Book 3 Venla in March 2015. Please request synopses and other reading material in English, German, Italian and Finnish!

About the author:
J. K. Johansson
is the pen name of a group of professional storytellers. Johansson loves Nordic crime novels, HBO series, well-written sex scenes, and reading the book before seeing the movie.

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