The Third Sister

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Finnish edition
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Original title: Kolmas sisar

Published: 2018

Publisher: Otava

Class/genre: Young Adults

Pages: 557 pp.


Nominated for 2018 Finlandia prize for Children’s & YA literature

Ciel and Lune are best friends and daughters of the two great witches of Royaume. Ciel, the daughter of the White Witch, is preparing for her rite of passage, the witch song ritual, which will show her true soul and future as a witch. When Ciel steps in front of the mirror of songs, a terrifying truth is revealed: she is a sanschant, a songless witch. The last sanschant there was, almost destroyed their whole world.

The girls must escape Royaume. They end up on the Earth, where they find refuge in a school, run by a creature called Principal and attended by otherworldly students. Especially one of them, Niemann, rocks Lune’s boat. Who is Niemann, why can’t Lune resist him? In Royaume, the White Witch is doing everything she can to relocate her daughter. The fate of their world is again at stake.

The Third Sister is a fantastic, manga-inspired adventure and the first installment in a new series called The Royaume Chronicles.

Magdalena Hai has created a fascinating web of realities. It works well in the first part of The Royaume Chronicles, and leaves a lot to be discovered in the next parts. Hai’s style is precise and fresh.” – Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper


”Wise and entertaining novel that pulls readers deep in its magical worlds, and won’t let them go. The story has many layers and surprises, and it unwinds slowly, revealing its secrets. The language, world-building, the pace and the characters all work together making the book a harmonious and delicious experience.” – Finlandia Prize Jury.


“The Third Sister is like a more scifi, more urban version of Harry Potter, and it takes a stand on things that matter.” – Amman Lukuhetki blog

“Hai’s novel stand proudly on its own, but it has references to classic fantasy stories. It has themes that will never go away, and for that reason this story ages well. The Third Sister has that feeling of a grand story, one that is told again and again to different generations in different forms of pop culture.” – Amman Lukuhetki blog


“The Third Sister” doesn’t fade away. You can read it quickly, but it will stay forever in your mind. It won’t break your soul, but it leaves a fracture. A fracture that you want to cherish and look back at from time to time.” – Amman lukuhetki blog


“This book is brilliant! It effortlessly describes different variations of love, and the plot surprises the reader multiple times!” – Kujerruksia blog


“The Third Sister is YA at its best: it’s interesting, gloomy enough, and full of surprises – but mature enough to be enjoyed by adult readers too. – Tähtivaeltaja magazine


“Perfect for those who love fantasy and romance!” – Demi, magazine


“The mains themes of the novel are the relationship of mothers and daughters, the corrupting hunger for power, and the universal fear for unknown. Hai’s manga-influenced fantasy tries to break people’s beliefs of the world and how things should be. It is all about acceptance.”  – Turun Sanomat, newspaper


“The narration is very visual and paints a clear picture of what’s happening. – – I recommend this strongly to all fans of modern fantasy.” –


“The world is immediately easy to understand, the plot pulls you in and the story doesn’t get lost in its own twists and turns, and the secrets are revealed at the perfect pace.” – Demokraatti magazine

Magdalena Hai

Magdalena Hai is a lover of cross genre fiction and all things strange, and her fiction often combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Besides writing Hai teaches writing and is an active member and editor in the publishing co-operative Osuuskumma.


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