Heikki Valkama

Original title: Laserjuuri

Author: Heikki Valkama

Published: 2018

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Crime & Suspense

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English synopsis

Continuation to the culinary crime series about the top chef Riku Mäki, known from the novel Fugu!

The top chef Riku Mäki faces danger again, when a Japanese billionaire – who’s also known for his culinary ambitions – sends him off to Greece to track down an ancient delicacy called the silphium. The billionaire is, however, not the only one who wants to find this legendary spice, which according to the story was last tasted by the emperor Nero himself.

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

About author

Heikki Valkama

Heikki Valkama is an acclaimed journalist who has worked as an editor-in-chief at several Finnish quality magazines. Additionally he has written books about Japan as well as translated from Japanese to Finnish. He grew up in Japan; when he was a teenager, a local yakuza boss tried to marry him off to his daughter. Fugu is his first novel.


2018, Crime & Suspense

Heikki Valkama


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Heikki Valkama