September fiction reviews round-up

As autumn sets in and we look forward to Gothenburg book fair later this week, we are happy to share an abundance of new reviews for our fiction titles with you below!

The Amazing Life and Times of Coco Kafka by Sissi Katz 
“A wild, imaginative fantasy that springs from the absurdity of real life and delves beyond melodramatic expression.” — Etelä-Suomen Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“Kafkaesque whirlwind […] An ambitious and imaginative debut novel.” — Bookshot blog, Finland

“Sissi Katz has written a breathtaking and mischievous novel.” — magazine, Finland

Fugu by Heikki Valkama
“The theme is undoubtably delicious.”  – Aamulehtinewspaper, Finland

“With its plot-driven narrative, Fugu offers – akin to Sujata Massey’s Rei Shimura books – a nice, cultural journey to Japan…” – Helsingin Sanomatnewspaper, Finland

“In Fugu, Valkama combines his knowledge of Japanese culture and cuisine with a page-turning murder mystery.”
– Hämeen Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“A very accessible novel.” – Isyyspakkaus blog, Finland

The Mephisto Touch by Max Seeck
“With this second novel, Max Seeck is well on his way to earning a permanent position in the ranks of Finland’s top crime and thriller writers.” — Anssi Väisänen, Kaleva newspaper, Finland

“This was not a violent adventure with some unscrupulous criminals, but rather a psychological suspense.” —Kirsi’s Book Club blog, Finland

“A story likely to continue; I look forward to it. Evil may never die, and psychopaths are their own dangerous subspecies of humans but, fortunately with literature, their encounters can be safe, at home.” — Bookshop blog, Finland

Oneiron by Laura Lindstedt
“Oneiron is a deeply fascinating book and one of the best I’ve read for a very long time.” — Litteratursiden, Denmark

There is something therapeutic – if not, relieving – in reading Oneiron; like surrendering to a trust exercise.  Politiken newspaper, Denmark 5/6 stars

“Death is the ultimate plot.”
 Weekendavisen newspaper, Denmark (interview)


Danish (Rosinate & Co.) – Oneiron by Laura Lindstedt
Lithuanian (Alma Littera) – Roots by Miika Nousiainen

  • German rights (Rowohlt) to The End of Innocence by Leena Lehtolainen
  • Italian rights (Newton Compton) to The Mephisto Touch by Max Seeck

About author

Heikki Valkama

Heikki Valkama is an acclaimed journalist who has worked as an editor-in-chief at several Finnish quality magazines. Additionally he has written books about Japan as well as translated from Japanese to Finnish. He grew up in Japan; when he was a teenager, a local yakuza boss tried to marry him off to his daughter. Fugu is his first novel.

About author

Laura Lindstedt

Laura Lindstedt (b. 1976) became a critical darling with her adoption-themed debut novel Scissors (Sakset, Teos 2007), which earned her a nomination for the Finlandia Prize, the country’s most prestigious literary honour. She is currently revising her Ph.D. thesis on French author Nathalie Sarraute. Lindstedt’s second novel Oneiron (Teos 2015) is a work of speculative fiction that takes place in the mysterious moments that follow one’s death. Oneiron has continued Lindstedt’s critical success, earning her the coveted 2015 Finlandia Prize. Lindstedt’s latest novel My Friend Natalia has been a critical success and the rights have been sold to 12 territories.

About author

Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

Max Seeck - New York Times Bestselling Author of THE WITCH HUNTER.

Winner of the prestigious Glass Key Award 2023 for his novel THE LAST GRUDGE. 

“Another star has been added to the firmament of thriller writers,” announced Iltalehti newspaper, when Max’s debut novel was published in 2016. Four years and four books later, Max Seeck’s novels have been sold to more than 40 countries, including US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries and as far as Korea!

His debut trilogy following protagonist Daniel Kuisma sold over 40,000 copies in Finland. His new Jessica Niemi series landed him on the New York Times Bestseller list! In Faithful Reader, AKA The Witch Hunter (US title), book 1 of the Jessica Niemi series, Helsinki Police Detective Jessica Niemi hunts an occultist serial killer. In Evil’s Net, AKA Ice Coven, Jessica and her team follow clues hidden on Instagram to solve the disappearance of a young influencer and a manga artist.

Max Seeck has a background in sales and marketing, and has lately been able to dedicate his time to his lifelong love of writing. His interests include well-conducted research, reading Nordic Noir and listening to movie soundtracks as he writes.

About author

Sissi Katz

Sissi Katz is an ophthalmologist from Helsinki. Elements of her novel, The Amazing Life and Times of Coco Kafka, are inspired by the author’s own life: she has grown epithelial cells of the eye, visited a dye-works in the Negev desert and lived next door to a varan. She is currently working on a second novel.