Anna of Haga Manor

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Original title: Hakoisten Anna

Author: Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Published: 2022

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Romance

Pages: 384

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English sample and synopsis

Life and love of the nobility in 18th century Finland!

Anna of Haga Manor is an enchantingly sensuous historical novel that transports the reader to 18th century Finland, still part of Sweden then, and into the middle of a certain love story.

Anna Magdalena Lilliebrunn, a noblewoman approaching her forties, has a stain on her reputation and the role of an old maid looms in her future. Everything is about to change, however, as the notoriously hot-tempered officer Karl Gustaf Uggla from the neighboring manor is chosen to be Anna’s husband.

At the Haga Manor, Anna is met by a frigid atmosphere. The reserved relatives and her husband’s lover make sure that the new daughter-in-law will neither feel at home nor become lady of the house. Will the tough and self-willed Anna be capable of living in the manner that she believes in?

Anna of Haga Manor is the masterful opening chapter of a new historical novel series, The Ladies of Haga Manor, which is based on thorough research on the lives and fates of real women who lived at the real Haga manor. The ambience of the past is expertly captured and the reader will want to savour every word.

“Anna of Haga Manor is near perfection when it comes to historical fiction. It’s entertaining, features romance and feelings, and at the same time is realistic and keeps to the historical facts. The title feeds one’s creativity and curiosity and is an impressive work. Rosenberg’s knowledge of French culture, typical to the period, is well-woven into the story. [–] I’m looking forward to the next books in the Ladies of Haga Manor -series!”

– Kirsin Kirjanurkka blog

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

About author

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg (b. 1977) is a historian and author who brings the intriguing women of the past back to life. Her novels transport the reader into a lost world that is still worth revisiting. Rosenberg has always been interested in the people of the past, their lives and how they have connected to society – its structures, expectations and possibilities.

During her PhD studies at the University of Helsinki, Rosenberg studied the lives of the Baroque Parisians Ninon de Lenclos and Madame de Sévigné. She specialized particularly in the lives of the upper class, the status of fashion within the nobility and their consumption habits, and perceptions on women’s dignity and sexuality.

Riikka-Maria splits her time between Helsinki and the Rosenberg Manor in Hakoinen. The estate’s long and vivid past inspired her to recount the tales of the women who had lived there in the new historical novel series The Ladies of Haga Manor.


2022, Romance

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Anna of Haga Manor