Hebrew rights for MY ONLY HOME sold + new titles climbing bestseller lists!

We are extremely happy to share some wonderful news today: MY ONLY HOME by Hanna Brotherus has now been sold to the Israeli Hakibbutz Hameuchad – Sifriat Poalim publishing house!
They are also the publishers of eg. Elena Ferrante, Edward St Aubyn, Jon Fosse, Monika Helfer etc., and we are excited to see Hanna Brotherus in such great company!

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The book was the #1 Finnish fiction bestseller in 2021 with more than 66.000 copies sold and with six reprints, MY ONLY HOME is also on the top lists of most listened audiobooks on both Storytel and BookBeat in 2021.

My passion is to join together different people from different backgrounds and age groups. I believe in intuition, in the power of the touch and presence.
-Hanna Brotherus.

MY ONLY HOME by Hanna Brotherus

A fearless auto-fictive novel about the frenzy for life and the acceptance of incompleteness.

When her children leave their home, the woman wants to take a deep dive into the past. She wants to understand all the lives she has lived. She wants to examine whose have been the eyes she has seen herself through, who have been the ones she has yearned to walk beside her, and to understand what she still has ahead of her. And she wants to begin anew anything that is possible.

An uncompromising journey into the truth behind the memories begins. The gates are wide open when the woman realizes that she is the most important person in her life. Her body is her only home.

We are also excited to share new praise for our new fiction titles ANNA OF HAGA MANOR and LILI FLAME INVESTIGATES, which both are climbing the bestseller lists after their publication! ANNA is in Top 4 in the biggest bookstore in Finland, while LILI is in top 20 in the biggest bookstore chain!


“Anna of Haga Manor is near perfection when it comes to historical fiction. It’s entertaining, features romance and feelings, and at the same time it is realistic and keeps to the historical facts. The title feeds one’s creativity and curiosity and is an impressive work.
Rosenberg’s knowledge of the French culture, typical to the period, is well-woven into the story.  [–] I’m looking forward to the next books in the Ladies of Haga Manor -series!”
– Kirsin Kirjanurkka blog

“I was thrilled to read the fabulous historical novel Anna of Haga Manor. The book is so beautiful and Riikka-Maria Rosenberg shines with her skills of a historian. [–] I bet Anna is proud of her biography.”
– Marjaana Manni on Instagram

“The one who brings history alive”
– Anna magazine of the author Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

“This is a book I couldn’t put down once I started reading. [–] An incredibly good book which sweeps the reader into the plot and makes them think about life in the old times.”
– Kirjadiggari on Instagram

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“The most charming one”
– Sari Toivakka in Keski-Suomalainen newspaper

Murder at the Mansion is a true cozy crime treat, and Lili Flame, together with her sidekick Riku, refreshing and entertaining. I’d call this required reading for all the nostalgists and friends of cozy crime! I’m eagerly waiting for Lili’s next adventures.”
–Päivän kirja on Instagram

“I loved walking along Lili in the Helsinki of 1940s. Recommended for all the fans of traditional crime novel.”
–Kotipuu_lukemassa on Instagram

”I really enjoyed the post-war Helsinki as a location. The post-war years will surely give much for Lili’s upcoming adventures as well, and the details fo it had been nicely sprinkled in to animate the story [–] The story moves well, travelling around the city. Before the end, we encounter two murders and two attempts, with the luxurious Aaltokoski Mansion featuring as the scene for the dramatic finale.”
– Kirja vieköön! Blog

Download the English materials for LILI FLAME INVESTIGATES here! 

Ainoa kotini, WSOY, March, 2021 331 pp.

Rights sold:

GERMANY: Ullstein (2-book deal)
ISRAEL: Hakibbutz Hameuchad – Sifriat Poalim

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis


Hakoisten Anna, Tammi, 2022 331 pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi(orig.)

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis


Kuolema Kulosaaressa, Otava, 2022. 415pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi(orig.)

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis

About author

Hanna Brotherus

Dancer, director and choreographer Hanna Brotherus is constantly addressing and probing the prevalent questions of society. Brotherus is a pioneer in community stage art, with an extraordinary ability to unite different groups of people and collaborators.

In her work, Brotherus has managed to unreservedly involve both cutting-edge artistic professionals, recovering addicts, daycare children, the elderly and many more.

With her debut novel ’My Only Home’, Hanna Brotherus has also redeemed her place as writer. Her book has become a major bestseller and presently Hanna is working on a new title.
Hanna’s exceptional experience as a performing dance artist also contributes creatively to her writing by offering a corporeal perspective that touches the readers in a unique way.

”My passion is to join together different people from different backgrounds and age groups. I believe in intuition, in the power of the touch and presence”.

About author

Laura Andersson

Laura Andersson has been working in the publishing industry for 15 years. During her career she’s been involved in launching a YA book festival in Finland and creating an award-winning publishing program for the Finnish gaming mega-brand Angry Birds. Andersson is a long-time fan of both Agatha Christie and the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s, both of which have inspired Lili Flame. She also found inspiration in the life story of Finland’s first female president, Tarja Halonen. The stylishly old-fashioned name of Ms. Halonen’s mother, Lyyli Loimola, made her first think of the character of Lili and about the possibility of creating a cool, historical crime series. Prior to writing Lili Flame, Andersson had been teaching Finnish parents and their babies good sleep habits, and her autobiographical non-fiction book The Baby Sleep Project, has become required reading among Finnish families. Andersson was born, and continues to live, in Helsinki, Finland. She loves her city deeply, and its historical layers keep feeding her imagination. She’s most curious about those aspects of the city’s past that are not part of the official historical narrative. In her free time, Andersson is passionate about books, horses, wine, and the circus.

About author

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg (b. 1977) is a historian and author who brings the intriguing women of the past back to life. Her novels transport the reader into a lost world that is still worth revisiting. Rosenberg has always been interested in the people of the past, their lives and how they have connected to society – its structures, expectations and possibilities.

During her PhD studies at the University of Helsinki, Rosenberg studied the lives of the Baroque Parisians Ninon de Lenclos and Madame de Sévigné. She specialized particularly in the lives of the upper class, the status of fashion within the nobility and their consumption habits, and perceptions on women’s dignity and sexuality.

Riikka-Maria splits her time between Helsinki and the Rosenberg Manor in Hakoinen. The estate’s long and vivid past inspired her to recount the tales of the women who had lived there in the new historical novel series The Ladies of Haga Manor.