Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg (b. 1977) is a historian and author who brings the intriguing women of the past back to life. Her novels transport the reader into a lost world that is still worth revisiting. Rosenberg has always been interested in the people of the past, their lives and how they have connected to society – its structures, expectations and possibilities.

During her PhD studies at the University of Helsinki, Rosenberg studied the lives of the Baroque Parisians Ninon de Lenclos and Madame de Sévigné. She specialized particularly in the lives of the upper class, the status of fashion within the nobility and their consumption habits, and perceptions on women’s dignity and sexuality.

Riikka-Maria splits her time between Helsinki and the Rosenberg Manor in Hakoinen. The estate’s long and vivid past inspired her to recount the tales of the women who had lived there in the new historical novel series The Ladies of Haga Manor.


2022, Romance

Anna of Haga Manor

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg