Spring Bestsellers & New Reviews!

We are excited to see our new fiction titles on the official bestseller lists of April and to share new praise for them! 

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg’s beautifully vivid historical novel ANNA OF HAGA MANOR is in top 10 for both printed and e-books, and the masterfully crafted story has gained favourable praise in social media and print both!


“As a PhD, Rosenberg knows the events and the customs of the time period, which makes her text real and impressive. [–] the descriptions of the manor are made especially interesting knowing that the author lives there herself together with her family. The beautiful and nuanced language makes reading pleasurable.”
–Antiikki & Design magazine

“Riikka-Maria Rosenberg writes about the previous generations of the Haga Manor without added garnish and gilding, but beautifully and tastefully.”
–Riikka Happonen in Etelä-Suomen Sanomat newspaper

“I can’t resist the thought of the life in the mansions of the old age. Nor can I resist such a perfect, impressive and sensual historical novel. It’s fascinating to read a work of fiction where the min character is a real historical figure, the wife Karl Gustaf Uggla, the heir of the Haga Manor. This is a book I did not just read. This is a book I lived.”
– Omakirjamansikka on Instagram

Download the English materials for ANNA OF HAGA MANOR here! 

We’re also thrilled to see Laura Andersson’s crime novel LILI FLAME INVESTIGATES climbing to top 20 in less than a month! The book has been a hit among crime fans, as the reviews show:


“The narration flows swiftly and the post-war Helsinki as a location feels fresh. Lili is a heroine well suited there: a woman of the new era with her own will and a quick wit.”
–Salla Stotesbury in Kodin Kuvalehti magazine

”Murder at the Mansion is easy-flowing and gentle narration, so one doesn’t have to fear nightmares springing up from the book’s events. Despite the initial calmness the story also features serious themes. Andersson has masterfully woven in the period descriptions but without it feeling forced.”
–Aino-Maria Savolainen, ammankirjablogi blog

“The Charm of Agatha Christie”
“A well-flowing old style crime novel [–] I’ll be delighted to read Lili and Riku’s next case as well.”
–Riikka Kuuskoski in Ilta-Sanomat newspaper

“The most charming one”
– Sari Toivakka in Keski-Suomalainen newspaper

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Eeva Louko’s MURDER ON THE ISLE OF BLISS, already sold to 5 territories, has sold over 10 000 copies and also attracted new praise!

The rights are still available in eg. Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain etc!


“The descriptions of the friend group – who’ve been there for each other since school – is wonderful. [–] For a debut, Murder on the Isle of Bliss is like the work of a professional author. The surprises and the excitement last till the very end.”
Ruumiin Kulttuuri (the magazine of the Finnish Whodunnit Society)

“Oh, how good this was, I liked it a lot! Very enthralling and interesting, with a fast pace and keeping you in its grip. An incredibly good crime title, and thankfully this is the first in a series, so there’s more to come!”
– Hennankirjat on Instagram

“Louko writes at times delicately and poetically, and the nature is an important part of the narration. The running tracks near the sea house terror, so one can also read the book as a psychological thriller if one fancies. The title had all the elements needed and I fancied Louko’s style.”
– Anukatri, Anun Ihmeelliset Matkat blog

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We’re thrilled to see the success of our titles!
Will they find their next homes in your list?

Hakoisten Anna, Tammi, April 2022 331 pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi(orig.)

Reading Material:
English sample and synopsis


Kuolema Kulosaaressa, Otava, April 2022. 415pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi(orig.)

Reading Material:
English sample and synopsis


Onnellisten Saari, Otava, January 2022 396 pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

ITALY: Newton Compton
POLAND: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie

Reading Material:
English sample and synopsis

About author

Eeva Louko

Eeva Louko (b. 1982) is a reporter and communications professional who loves literature, music and all things creative. Becoming an author has been Eeva’s dream since she learned how to read, and she is especially drawn to crime fiction and horror. Eeva plays the saxophone and piano and always drinks her coffee from the biggest cup possible in her garden surrounded by vines.

Murder on the Isle of Bliss (Otava, 2022) is Louko’s debut novel which was published to rave reviews. Eeva’s dream is to find readers globally and create a long-lasting crime fiction series.

About author

Laura Andersson

Laura Andersson has been working in the publishing industry for 15 years. During her career she’s been involved in launching a YA book festival in Finland and creating an award-winning publishing program for the Finnish gaming mega-brand Angry Birds. Andersson is a long-time fan of both Agatha Christie and the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s, both of which have inspired Lili Flame. She also found inspiration in the life story of Finland’s first female president, Tarja Halonen. The stylishly old-fashioned name of Ms. Halonen’s mother, Lyyli Loimola, made her first think of the character of Lili and about the possibility of creating a cool, historical crime series. Prior to writing Lili Flame, Andersson had been teaching Finnish parents and their babies good sleep habits, and her autobiographical non-fiction book The Baby Sleep Project, has become required reading among Finnish families. Andersson was born, and continues to live, in Helsinki, Finland. She loves her city deeply, and its historical layers keep feeding her imagination. She’s most curious about those aspects of the city’s past that are not part of the official historical narrative. In her free time, Andersson is passionate about books, horses, wine, and the circus.

About author

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg

Riikka-Maria Rosenberg (b. 1977) is a historian and author who brings the intriguing women of the past back to life. Her novels transport the reader into a lost world that is still worth revisiting. Rosenberg has always been interested in the people of the past, their lives and how they have connected to society – its structures, expectations and possibilities.

During her PhD studies at the University of Helsinki, Rosenberg studied the lives of the Baroque Parisians Ninon de Lenclos and Madame de Sévigné. She specialized particularly in the lives of the upper class, the status of fashion within the nobility and their consumption habits, and perceptions on women’s dignity and sexuality.

Riikka-Maria splits her time between Helsinki and the Rosenberg Manor in Hakoinen. The estate’s long and vivid past inspired her to recount the tales of the women who had lived there in the new historical novel series The Ladies of Haga Manor.