The Moonday Letters published in the UK!

We are thrilled to celebrate the publication of the English edition of THE MOONDAY LETTERS, Emmi Itäranta’s newest title and her third novel, which has already gathered praising reviews:

“Itäranta accomplishes an impressive amount of worldbuilding in Lumi’s letters and makes her longing for her soulmate palpable. The result is a quietly powerful meditation on the human need to share life and love with others.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“[A] melancholy, lovely, and alarming tale about humanity in crisis”
-Foreword reviews

THE MOONDAY LETTERS was published by Titan Books in the UK yesterday, and the US publication will follow on July 19th, when the book will also be published as an audio book from Recorded Books! Congratulations to Emmi Itäranta and her publishers!

Download the English pdf here!

The Moonday Letters is a beautifully crafted and hauntingly written mystery that successfully combines many elements of science-fiction, and I’m delighted to have it on Titan’s list!
– Cat Camacho, Senior Editor, Titan Books, UK

When I started reading The Moonday Letters, I was transported very quickly into the world Emmi had created, and was tantalized by the mystery – and relationships – I was discovering. The Recorded Books team and I are very happy to bring it to audio listeners everywhere.
 – Catherine Wallach, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Recorded Books, USA

by Emmi Itäranta

A space-age love story that blends fantasy, cli-fi, and suspense, and follows a healer whose search for her elusive partner leads to a mysterious journey through time, space, science, and myth in which Earth’s future hangs in the balance.

The Moonday Letters was published in Finland in 2020 to amazing reviews and won the Tähtivaeltaja Award for the Best Finnish Science Fiction Book 2020! 

Not surprisingly, Emmi Itäranta thinks of herself more as an architect than an author. Her writing process includes work that’s not visible to the reader. When Itäranta creates her fictitious world, she first digs up the tiniest details; for instance, the geography, the most common cultivated plants, the different phases of the moon. With her latest piece, she had to do background work on space colonies plus investigate shamanism and varying types of lichen. 
– Venla Rossi, Image magazine, October 2020, Finland

Kuunpäivän kirjeet, Teos, September 2020, 300 pp.


FINLAND: Teos (orig.)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Albatros Media/Kniha Zlin
HUNGARY: Metropolis
WORLD ENGLISH (print,e-book):
Titan Books
Recorded Books