Goldmann Verlag acquires German rights for Jessikka Aro’s PUTIN’S TROLLS!

We are really happy to announce that the German rights for Jessikka Aro’s PUTIN’S TROLLSOn the Frontlines of Russia’s Information War Against the World were sold to Goldmann Verlag of Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe.

Rights to PUTIN’S TROLLS have been sold now in 12 languages and will be published in English by Ig Publishing, available today March 29th in e-book and in print in June 2022.
The rights are still available in Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Norway, Denmark etc. 

Download the full English PDF for PUTIN’S TROLLS by clicking here!

And that is not all – there are now 2 excellent reviews for the book from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews! See them below.
The book has been a success story both being a bestseller in Finland with over 30 000 copies sold and with excellent critical success.


We are thrilled to be publishing Finnish investigative journalist Jessikka Aro’s deep dive into the mechanisms of the (des-)information war the Kremlin is waging against anyone valuing free speech, freedom and democracy. Her weaving together of personal experiences with the greater dimensions of Russia’s modern online warfare makes for a read both eye-opening, intriguing – and absolutely essential in these times of war and suffering!
– Doreen Fröhlich, Editorial Director Nonfiction, Goldmann Verlag, Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe GmbH


Aro’s cri de coeur is well-documented and persuasive. This disturbing study does a stellar job of depicting Russia’s propaganda machine in action.
– Publishers Weekly, Reviewed on: 03/22/2022

Throughout this book, Aro reveals the mechanics of Russia’s insidious nonmilitary tactics and widespread propaganda targeted at civilians—strategies used decades before in both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to gain control over the minds of citizensAs Russia continues to threaten Ukraine in hybrid warfare, Aro provides an extremely valuable lesson. 
– Kirkus Reviews April 2022 issue.

Johnny Kniga, November 2019, 453 pp.

Russia wages war against civilians online. Every critical voice is an enemy. Award-winning journalist Jessikka Aro’s book presents criminal smearing campaigns, launched and approved by the Kremlin against private individuals around Western countries.

PUTIN’S TROLLS, praised by critics in Finland, brings together recent international and illegal filth operations to silence and smear the critics of the Kremlin. The book zooms into the destinies of the author Jessikka Aro, financier Bill Browder, Bellingcat investigator Eliot Higgins, journalist Liz Wahl and many more.

Well documented and shocking true stories show that Russia does not shy away from the darkest means of eliminating its opponents through cyber-espionage, social media trolls, fake news, cyber-attacks, death threats and hate campaigns by PR professionals.


Putinin trollit. Tositarinoita Venäjän infosodan rintamilta
Johnny Kniga, November 2019, 453 pp.

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Rights sold:

FINLAND: Johnny Kniga (orig.)

BULGARIA: Ciela Norma
ESTONIA: Menu Meedia/Stratkom
GERMANY: Goldmann Verlag
HUNGARY: Corvina
POLAND: Sine Qua Non
ROMANIA: Lebada Neagra
SWEDEN: Sensor Förlag
WORLD ENGLISH: Ig Publishing
WORLD ENGLISH (audio): Blackstone Audio

About author

Jessikka Aro

Jessikka Aro is an award-winning reporter with Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, specializing in Russia, extremism and information warfare. In 2014 and 2015, she published a series of articles on pro-Kremlin social media trolls and their influence outside of Russia’s borders. Due to her investigations, Jessikka became the target of a severe and still ongoing international propaganda and hate speech campaign, which she recounts in Putin’s Trolls.

In 2019, the US State Department awarded Jessikka the International Women of Courage Award, but the award was mysteriously rescinded by the Trump administration, allegedly due to her social media criticism of then President Trump. On December 1, 2020, Jessikka Aro received the International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award, presented in partnership with the Washington Post and hosted by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Jessikka was recognized for her award-winning investigative reporting of Russian information warfare. Jessikka lives in Helsinki, Finland.


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Putin's Trolls

Jessikka Aro