WHEN THE KING DIES goes to Russia; THE WITCH HUNTER still New York Times Best-Seller #11

Russian rights sold for WHEN THE KING DIES … First international sale for book 3 of the Jessica Niemi series, by New York Times Bestselling Author, Max Seeck … Thrilling news for the hottest thriller authors on the market!

Russian rights to Finland’s best-selling WHEN THE KING DIES by Elina Backman were sold to Moscow publishing house, Mann Ivanov Ferber.

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Meanwhile, Estonian rights to Max Seeck’s Jessica Niemi series book 3 were sold to Pegasus, making them the first international publisher to acquire those rights!

And more breaking news: THE WITCH HUNTER remains a New York Times Best Seller at #11 for two weeks running!

BRAVO Elina and Max! You are making Finland the new hub for Nordic Noir!

The Russian deal marks the 13th rights sale for the Nordic Crime title, WHEN THE KING DIES. Backman is a force to be reckoned with, as the first novel in her detective series has impressively sold over 10,000 copies despite having been just published in May. Hear what the editor from Mann Ivanov Ferber had to say:

Click here to request 200-page long English sample, synopsis and media kit.

Max Seeck is now and forever a New York Times best- selling author, the second in Finland’s history!!!

The Witch Hunter (a.k.a. Faithful Reader), the first book in Seeck’s Jessica Niemi detective series, has caught fire since its US publication in October, selling 10,633 copies by Nov. 14 and garnering excellent critical reviews and heavy attention from Hollywood.

Rights are still available in China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand etc for some of his titles, including: the sequel to The Witch Hunter, book 2, EVIL’S NET; and book 3, as yet untitled; and also available are rights to his best-selling Daniel Kuisma trilogy.

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Rights Sold:

Otava (orig.)

Varrak (2-book deal)
Mann Ivanov Ferber
Piper Verlag (2-book deal)
Newton Compton
De Bezige Bij/Cargo
(2-book deal)
Cappelen Damm (2-book deal)
Czarna Owca
Bokfabriken (2-book deal)
Aurora Studios

Elina Backman

Elina Backman is a media & marketing professional living in Helsinki, in an old wooden 1920 house with a family of two kids and a husband. Elina loves books (all sorts), travelling, cycling and is a host of a Book & Wine Club. She is a creative soul with a commercial mind, and her goal is to find readers globally – her dream is a tv series based on her novels.

Her debut novel When the King Dies was published in May 2020 and has immediately gained an enormous amount of attention from the Finnish media, including a praising review by the biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and becoming an immediate bestseller in Finland with 10,000 copies sold in all formats. When the King Dies has been to-date sold in 13 territories and international TV series is in development.


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