Dutch rights of Mo-ko-ma-ki by Satu Kontinen sold!

1-4mokomakinewsSatu Kontinen’s quirky and visual Mo-ko-ma-kibooks have been sold in the Netherlands to NBD Biblion! The Mo-ko-ma-ki series, aimed at readers aged two and older, stars ten little animals who tend to find themselves in mild trouble. Readers are invited, for example, to reunite baby animals with their mothers or spot the culprit who stole a bird’s tail feather. Packed with fun visual clues and details, the series celebrates discovery and imagination.

”We are thrilled to introduce Mo-ko-ma-ki to the Dutch and Flemish readers and are sure they will love this series. We believe it’s a perfect combination of fun and education!” – Anne-Marie van der Poel, Editor-in-Chief, NBD Biblion, the Netherlands

Book 1: Mo-ko-ma-ki!
Mo-ko-ma-ki lost their little ones. Where could they be?
Book 2: Mo-ko-ma-ki! Paint It!
A puzzle and doodle book in the inimitable Mokomaki style.
Book 3: Mo-ko-ma-ki! Who Was It?
Can you figure out which one of the Mokomakis has played a trick on the others?
Book 4: Mo-ko-ma-ki! What A Feeling!
Can you tell what feelings are the Mokomakis experiencing?
Book 5 & Book 6 coming up soon!

Original publisher: FINLAND, Myllylahti
CHINA, Bei Jing Northark Culture Media
FRANCE, Sarbacane (Book 1)
TAIWAN, Grimm Press (Book 1)

Full English texts of books 1-4
Finnish editions of books 1-4

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