World English rights to Satu Kontinen’s Mo-ko-ma-ki sold to POW!, an imprint of powerHouse Books

Kontinen_newsletter_Nov192014We are thrilled to announce that POW!, a Brooklyn-based children’s publisher, has acquired rights to Can You Find My Little Fox? in Satu Kontinen’s Mo-ko-ma-ki! picture book series. POW! is an imprint of powerHouse Books, which publishes visually driven, imagination-fueled books for kids. See here for more information.

Mo-ko-ma-ki: Can You Find My Little Fox? (Myllylahti 2014) features ten little animals, Mokomakis, who have become separated from their mothers, and it’s the job of the reader to help locate them. Little birds provide assistance and humorous commentary. Packed with fun visual clues and details, the series, aimed for kids aged 2 and older, celebrates discovery and imagination.

The newest book in the series, Mo-ko-ma-ki: Who Was It? (Myllylahti 2014), published this fall in Finland, invites readers to continue their detective training with the Mokomakis: they can spot, for example, the culprit who stole a bird’s tail feather or took a bite out of a Karelian pie.

About the author:

Satu Kontinen (b. 1976) is a graphic designer and illustrator obsessed with little animals and Instagram photography. She is known for using bold colours and creating quirky creatures and worlds of cuteness that spark the imagination of kids and adults. In 2008 she was given an award for designing and illustrating one of the most beautiful book covers in Finland (Vuoden kaunein kirja) by the Finnish Book Art Committee, and in 2004 she was nominated for the Finlandia Junior Prize. Since starting “her own thing,” the Mokomakis, in 2011, she has quickly gained international recognition across Europe and Asia and is currently working on a number of international illustration commissions.

Original publisher: FINLAND, Myllylahti
FRANCE, Sarbacanne
TAIWAN, Grimm Press

Reading material:
Full English text of Books 1-2
Full Finnish text of Books 1-3