Satu Kontinen’s Mo-ko-ma-ki series and Kristiina Louhi’s Annie series sold in China!

Aino_Mokomaki_KiinaWe are happy to announce that two Finnish picture book series, Satu Kontinen’s quirky Mo-ko-ma-ki books (Myllylahti) and Kristiina Louhi’s classic Annie (Aino) titles (Tammi), will soon be available for Chinese readers. Bei Jing Northark Culture Media acquired all three Mo-ko-ma-ki titles, while Beijing Double Spiral Culture and Exchange Company acquired ten Annie books!

Kristiina Louhi, whose Annie series debuted in 1984, is one of Finland’s most acclaimed illustrators. Among her numerous honours and accolades are the Finlandia Junior Prize for The Girl and the Jackdaw Tree (Tammi 2004) and 2014’s Pro Finlandia Medal, given by the President of Finland to distinguished Finnish artists. Her work has been published in several languages. The Annie series narrates the life of a spunky little girl who grows up alongside the reader.

Satu Kontinen’s Mo-ko-ma-ki series, aimed at readers aged two and older, stars ten little animals who tend to find themselves in mild trouble. Readers are invited, for example, to reunite baby animals with their mothers or spot the culprit who stole a bird’s tail feather. Packed with fun visual clues and details, the series celebrates discovery and imagination. World English rights to Mo-ko-ma-ki were also recently sold to POW!, an imprint of Brooklyn-based powerHouse Books.

Satu Kontinen is known for her distinctive visual style, and she has most recently designed a watch for Swatch!

Original publisher: FINLAND, Myllylahti
CHINA, Bei Jing Northark Culture Media
FRANCE, Sarbacanne (Book I)
TAIWAN, Grimm Press
WORLD ENGLISH, POW!/powerHouse Books

Reading material: The Mo-ko-ma-ki series
Full English text of Books 2-3
Full Finnish text of Books 1-3

Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
CHINA, Beijing Double Spiral Culture and Exchange Company

Annie books have also been published in: English (UK), German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese

Reading material: Kristiina Louhi
Full English text of Annie, Mummy’s Helper
Full English text of The Girl and the Jackdaw Tree

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About author

Kristiina Louhi

Kristiina Louhi is an artist and an awarded graphic designer, illustrator and author. She has illustrated dozens of children’s books over the years including illustrations for the texts by Hannele Huovi, Hannu Mäkelä, Leena Laulajainen, Katri Tapola and Riitta Jalonen.

Kristiina Louhi’s Aino series has been published since 1984 and Tomppa series since 1993. Books illustrated by Kristiina Louhi have been published in over ten languages all around the world.

About author

Satu Kontinen

Satu Kontinen is a graphic designer and illustrator obsessed with flowers. She is known for her detailed ink works as well as creating quirky creatures and imaginary worlds that spark the imagination of kids and adults alike. She has been awarded for designing and illustrating one of the most beautiful books/book covers in Finland (_Vuoden kaunein kirja_ by the Finnish Book Art Committee) in 2008, 2015, 2016 and in 2018. In 2004 she was nominated for the Finlandia Junior Prize and in 2017 she was one of the top 10 finalists in the prestigious Rudolf Koivu illustration awards. In 2020 she was given a Merit Award in the Three x Three International Illustration Awards.

In her free time Satu enjoys designing floral fabrics and writing children's and YA fiction in secrecy. Maybe some day she will show them to a publisher.