In the Rear Window by Pauliina Susi wins the Clue of the Year award

We are proud to announce that In the Rear Window by Pauliina Susi (Tammi 2015),  has won the Clue of the Year 2016. Awarded by the Finnish Whodunnit Society since 1984,  the prize is a recognition of the best crime fiction or detective novel of the year. Rights toPauliina Susi’s novel have been sold to DTV in Germany for publication in 2017.Susi Aug2015

The book, described as a Hitchcockian “cyberthriller” with echoes of Gone Girl and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is about a single mother who becomes the target of hate when she starts working on a project that aims to support men who go to prostitutes.  She begins to fear for her life when a hacker becomes increasingly aggressive.

Praise from the Finnish Whodunnit Society:

In the Rear Window successfully recreates the Finnish crime genre. Susi describes without any common clichés how everyday life turns into terror. In the Rear Window is a skillfully written novel that has the potential to become an international political thriller. The topics of internet privacy and hacking are new and highly relevant in today’s society. Thanks to her extensive source material, Susi is able to dive exceptionally deep into the topic: she describes in a frightening way everyday life that includes internet tracking and harassment. The novel has a very Hitchcockian atmosphere with elements from politics as well as from Star Wars. 

Praise from critics:

“The Finnish equivalent to the bestsellers of Gillian Flynn and Camilla Läckberg.”
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“In the Rear Window is an extremely entertaining and timely novel carried by quick plot twists and a haunting sense of suspense that builds up  towards the end.”
– Parnasso literary magazine, Finland

“Each character is more interesting than the one before…The story feels real, and shudder-inducing as a result.”
– Kouvolan Sanomat newspaper, Finland

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About author

Pauliina Susi

Pauliina Susi has worked as a journalist and editor at several well-known Finnish magazines. She has a master’s degree in political science, and is known for her ability to incorporate current themes into her prose. Her debut novel  was nominated for the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize and In the Rear Window is the Winner of the Clue of the Year 2016, a recognition of the best crime fiction or detective novel of the year.


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