Salla Simukka’s Snow White conquers the Faroe Islands: 43 territories sold!

SallaFaroeIslandsMay15We are excited to announce that Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags has acquired the Faroese language rights to As Red as Blood (Punainen kuin veri, Tammi 2013), the first part in Salla Simukka’s YA smash, The Snow White Trilogy. Publication is scheduled for summer of 2015.

The Faroe Islands are the 43rd territory into which Snow White has been sold. Congratulations Salla!

This March, with the publication of As Red as Blood, Gyldendal in Norway became the first Nordic country outside of Finland to launch the series. The Danish and Swedish editions will be out in August, and the Icelandic edition in September.

As Red as Blood has received an overwhelmingly positive response from Norwegian critics. See below for some highlights:

“A powerful thriller from a Finnish superstar.”
VG newspaper

The plot is recognizably Nordic Noir, and I would bet that Lumikki will end up on both large and small screens in the future. The first novel in the trilogy is well composed, and the Snow White quotes serve as a nice framework for the story. Lumikki’s changing identities are also thoughtfully handled by the author. This is an accomplished piece of writing.”
NRK broadcasting company

“Salla Simukka’s writing requires the same type of concentration and mind-mapping as adventure games, and the reward is a totally engulfing reading experience. The only thing better than the powerful narrative and the interesting protagonist is the sheer velocity of the parallel storylines.” online publication

“The fairy tale analogy works well. Rather than being overdone, it shines through at key points in the story. It’s nice to see the ‘Finnishness’ kept intact in an international bestseller.”
-Liv Mossige, Dagsavisen newspaper

“The story is action-packed enough for even the most impatient young readers, but it is the young protagonist that justifies the hype and makes me grin from ear to ear. Lumikki Andersson is a teenage heroine who is smart and believable, tough and independent.”
Det fantastiske hjørnet online publication

“The hype for this series is deserved. Lumikki is likeable, the story is exciting and the first book shows great promise. I will definitely read the next book.”
bokelskere Web site

The Snow White Trilogy tells the story of Lumikki Andersson, a fiercely self-reliant and headstrong 17-year-old living in the city of Tampere in Finland. As she comes face-to-face with criminal operations and life-threatening situations, she is also forced to examine her own dark side. A lone wolf, she is like Lisbeth Salander for the YA readership. The trilogy comprises As Red as Blood, As White as Snow (Valkoinen kuin lumi, Tammi 2013) and As Black as Ebony (Musta kuin eebenpuu, Tammi 2014).

Salla Simukka (b. 1981) is a translator and author of juvenile fiction. She is the winner of the 2013 Topelius Prize for the best Finnish youth novel for Without a Trace (Jäljellä, Tammi Spring 2012) and Elsewhere (Toisaalla, Tammi Fall 2012), as well as the 2013 Finland Prize.

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Reading material:
Full English text of book 1
German sample of book 1
Italian sample of book 1
Complex Chinese sample of book 1
Simplified Chinese sample of book 1
Finnish editions of books 1-3


About author

Salla Simukka

Salla Simukka is the author of the international success story The Snow White Trilogy: rights are sold in 52 territories and in Hollywood. She has written several novels for young readers and her accolades include the Topelius Prize 2013 and the Finland Prize 2013. Simukka has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award  every year 2021–2024. Where It All Begins, published in 2022, is her first novel for adults and in 2024 she started a collaboration with JP Ahonen on a middle grade novel.

Previously Simukka has written book reviews for the newspapers, translated all kinds of texts into Finnish, worked as an editor at a literary magazine and as a screenwriter for a popular TV show for young audiences.  She has also been working on the programme of Turku Book Fair in 2017–2020.


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