The Agency celebrates its 8th anniversary with 3 new deals and great reviews

Elina Ahlback Literary Agency celebrates its 8th anniversary today
Since 2009 we have read hundreds of books, sold translation rights to 56 different languages and traveled the world from Los Angeles to Shanghai. We wish to thank everyone who has collaborated with us along the way, and raise a toast to many good years to come. On our birthday we’re glad to announce three milestone-marking deals:

20th deal for the baby-sitting monsters
Tuutikki Tolonen and Pasi Pitkänen’s middle-grade duology Monster Nanny & Monster Route has now been sold to DarkSide Books; Brazilian Portuguese is the 20th language these lovely books will be available in!

10th deal for two friends in wonderland
Chinese rights of Salla Simukka’s Sisterland, illustrated by Saku Heinänen, have been sold to Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House. Editor Ran Chang was very glad about the acquisition: “We can’t emphasize how popular Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Secret Garden are in China, and we believe so will Sisterland be! No wonder why Salla Simukka is internationally recognized since she is such a wonderful story-teller.”

1st deal for a group of extraordinary creatures
Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House has also bought the Chinese rights to Pasi Pitkänen’s brand new picture book The Island of Lost Animals. “The Island of Lost Animals is a wonderful creation both in terms of the texts and the illustrations. It is such an engaging story to find out the terrifying monster becomes a real hero in the end, and to enjoy the rich and vigorous illustrations of many animal characters. Kids in China will love it!” said Ran Chang.

…and Maresi receives great reviews again
“A magnificent novel offering beautiful, contemplative writing, fascinating mythology and magic, deep characters and a beautiful message of hope. A very beautiful discovery!” says the expert committee of Montreuil Children’s Book Fair, and places Maria Turtschaninoff’s Maresi – now sold in 21 territories – in their top 3 books of May.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us to request reading materials!

Maria Turtschaninoff

Maria Turtschaninoff is known for crafting lyrical, historically inspired fantasy stories starring strong female protagonists. In addition to J.R.R. Tolkien, she counts Philip Pullman, Ursula K. Le Guin and C.S. Lewis among her favorite authors. She is a two-time winner of the Society of Swedish Literature Prize, a nominee for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and winner of the 2014 Finlandia Junior Prize. Maria has a Master of Arts in human ecology and works full-time as a writer.

Pasi Pitkänen

Pasi Pitkänen has become known for his richly detailed illustrative work on several children’s books such as the Monster Nanny duology by Tuutikki Tolonen. He has also worked at Rovio Entertainment as an illustrator, character designer and graphic designer; Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes (Rovio Books 2012), illustrated by Pitkänen, was named Best First Cookbook of the Year at 2012’s Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Among Pitkänen’s hobbies are quantum physics, people-watching, B-movies, insects and baking.

Salla Simukka

Salla Simukka is the author of the international success story The Snow White Trilogy: rights are sold in 52 territories and in Hollywood. She has written several novels for young readers and her accolades include the Topelius Prize 2013 and the Finland Prize 2013.

Previously Simukka has written book reviews for the newspapers, translated all kinds of texts into Finnish, worked an editor at a literary magazine and as a screenwriter for a popular TV show for young audiences. These days she writes books for young adults and children, and travels the world talking about them.

Tuutikki Tolonen

Tuutikki Tolonen is the author of several acclaimed children’s books, plays and academic articles. For Monster Nanny she received the Arvid Lydecken award. She teaches creative writing and has worked as an editor and reporter at Vinski, Finland’s only literary journal for children. Her inspiration for the Monster Nanny trilogy sparked during a family breakfast. “My son Leo, then six, said: ‘I heard on the radio yesterday that all moms have to go on vacation and monsters will take their places,” she says.

Tolonen is currently writing the Agnes series, of which the first book "Agnes and the Garden of Dreams" was in 2020 nominated for both Runeberg Junior and Arvid Lydecken Awards and won LukuVarkaus 2020 award!